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  1. https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/11169-the-amazing-sanction-race/page/1851/?tab=comments#comment-3587290 note the NG performance...
  2. Peace at long last... shout out to King Cyan, GK, Thrash, Rab and Stewie! till the next time....
  3. That was the best damn DoE ever written, I even wondered what was going on in that bakery....
  4. As the community may be aware NG have recently had quite the upheaval and changed its leadership. It is not everyday a living pope is replaced. Although some members in NG were shocked thinking the pope would reign forever, some were excited upon hearing of a new leader would be appointed. What became clear was Stewie was not just appointed as leader, he was chosen to lead. He began to teach his men and answer their questions One man shouted 'We should all do a Term, the enemy is too many!!' to which Stewie res
  5. Terms war avoidance tactics are documented in the bakery thread they included, Messaging the guys hitting him to agree a 'ceasefire' When Crinkledstraw hit term, he again demanded a ceasefire saying he was unable to be active until thursday Request was denied by CS, term was super active during the war! To avoid the CS nuke damage with 8k tech nukes, term arranged for friendly wars against nations with 100 tech (one of which was against Brian who does CN radio with Hannsen in discord) Term also had a war deleted for war slot filing with Masterchief
  6. RIP to terminator the worst troll in CN history, u will not be missed
  7. terminator got no shame at all, its weird!
  8. Failure to address our God Emperor was his proper title will only make your eventual death more painful. Be respectful, you imbecile dragon wannabe!
  9. I welcome our new overlord and wish him well in his tyrannical rule!
  10. you forgot to mention he got his friends in NoR to fight him with 100 tech nukes cos he was scared of 8K emp fired ones!!
  11. You do realize your new profile pic looks a bit like a junka tribute?
  12. My bad..he is more of a fisher cat isn't he with all his whining!!
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