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  1. The sentiment is there. The 'statement' is rejected. Disclaimer: Multiple responses in one. I truly hope that it has been made clear that whilst the action done by Dane0 was worth an apology, the question Johnny Apocalypse asked prior his sudden departure and my announcement of that remains. How did Dane0 obtain the information disclosed if not from a person Johnny once trusted more than most on Bob? (Specifically speaking, whilst Johnny had indeed referenced things, to the specifics mentioned - that was not in public eyes.) Moving on. Stewie, the sentiment is there but I truly cannot see myself accepting this. This isn't the first time a line has been crossed and we've no reason anymore to trust it'll be the last. Would it be wrong to lack hope in change? I don't think so. We can all remember the events of my sudden jump into leadership and the things I encouraged, spoke and acted on that lead to our Summit. It took some time but I realized my actions were far from acceptable and did my best to resolve it, even setting a new stone where they once were in the form of a NAP simply hoping to pave a new path. My withdrawal of the pact I offered was not an action I took lightly either. What came after felt continuously like a one-sided effort when I heard continuously of the comments made by the members you lack control of. I'm no role model of what leadership should be by any means but even I did what I could to slow and restrict the comments COBRA would make previously. I believe you, Stewie. That you and you alone are apologetic for the disrespect to such a degree shown but we both know that without any true repercussions to ALL members who partook in the continued disrespect, it'll continue to be only you saving face for your alliance. Though, the statement in itself lacks a great deal of sincerity personally. There's far too many factors I'd be glad to discuss privately if ever you wish to offer some clarity. tl:dr: see title. As it stands, the past is the past. History at times will repeat itself as it's inevitable in some cases but seemingly, you omit the detail of my apology for what had took place and attempts of resolve. Given after all that had happened, I truthfully hoped you would've had even the slightest bit of trust in my words. An apology was provided. A public statement was issued. A general consensus throughout the community has formed and things that I never thought I'd find myself seeing are now before my eyes. Whilst my response is nothing of the unexpected yet remarkable response that is from FTW or the short and honest straight to the point response from White Chocolate, I stand by the words I wrote and if you truly think resolve is desired of this, the world awaits for action to follow the apology. I know in myself as a leader that despite my lack of experience and the knowledge I'm continuing to learn as I move forward with such a position, I went against all advice that COBRA's Royal Guards, Elders and even King offered when I brought up my plan moving forward to try and create resolve and perhaps a time where we were to fight again. I no longer see such a thing being achievable after this, Stewie. For that, I am sorry. Leader to leader. A great thank you once more to FTW and the efforts placed previously in the Summit to assist in the resolution and I am sorry that despite said efforts I've had to reverse the actions made. Mochi.
  2. Thank you for your words, Joseph. They're truly appreciated and I'll pass the message along for you. o7 Mochi.
  3. [mochi@cobra: Hello World.] It has been one long week, hasn't it? I needn't go into detail over the things that have transpired as those involved are aware and in this vast planet, word spreads faster than an man on horseback preaching great riches. Johnny Apocalypse has been quite the entertainment for our alliances planet-wide. A man of many words, content and never backed from an argument. COBRA is sad to witness such a person leave after all he has accomplished and managed. Our planet has changed in so many different ways with his actions and we hope that like General Kanabis his retirement, despite his controversies, he rests easy now for creating water in a slowly drying planet. COBRA thanks those who stood by him. Acknowledgement is made to the efforts made to resolve our differences. COBRA does not feel that the discussions within the Summit truly resolved anything. NAP-time is hereby revoked. TL:DR: Long Live JA, Non-Aggression Pact Cancelled. Signed for COBRA, Tikibird, The Tweety Bird King of Sneks. Mochi, The Orbiting Weather Man for Planet Bob, also Crown Prince. Gamestonk, COBRA's Royal Guard of Omeet and Teemo's. CitizenKane, Money Printer Go BRR.
  4. Eheheheh. I admire the effort made for that image. A bit sucky about the Death Star plans but nevertheless, congratulations to both and best of luck moving forward.
  5. There was a disagreement in public channels and CK left Kashmir on good terms. CK needed an alliance and being good friends with Kashmir, I spoke with Jason8 and agreed on her place in COBRA. o/
  6. Thank you, comrade Jason! o7 Heh. Certainly. Good to see you. o/
  7. Here's to brighter, non-nuclear futures. o7
  8. With the cancellation in early months of 2021 of COBRA and NG's treaty and relations declining quickly in passing days, through the assistance and great amounts of patience from FTW within a Boognish & NG Summit to resolve our issues, I am pleased to announce the Anti-Squanch Pact that came from such talks. tl:dr (really?) - NAP between COBRA & Non-Grata.
  9. mfw reading. Let's try keep a positive post in positive response please, I read much of the dictionary in order to attempt to resolve things, no step on snek progress or speak badly of TIE or NG, regardless what happened or incidents that have happened. It's in the past now. We live today! I'd once more like to congratulate the both of you for the sea path you've joined together. Fighting the British can be.. Problematic at times I think. I think we're still salty about the tea. To a bright future!
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