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  1. You will never get any reparations from me. Ever.
  2. Ah the classic, I know you are but what am I? Defense. I could select any 3 members of NG and create a disfunctional inactive government that would put theirselves into oblivion, most alliances cant say the same.
  3. Claiming to LOVEEEEEEEEE casualties but having a fallout shelter system. Losing almost all their GAs Wasting cash to get my warchest. He used 14 nukes in 1 day. So much for the 'NG mighty military' Oh, and in the war I have with him, I have over twice the number of casualties. No wonder he isnt a trium of NG anymore. Doesnt know how to fight properly in game. Can NG please send someone better? Cobra knows how to fight, we are known as fighters. And dutifully, NG will be dispatched.
  4. You have pools in your cn nation? Where do I get that improvement?
  5. The fact you think NG isnt a hivemind blindly following one dude vs an incredibly untalented pool of many, many personalities from the past 15 years of this world who all happen to get along is really sad to be honest.
  6. The true puppet master of NG posts.
  7. Congratulations, Page Sys May your growth be swift Your tech deals be aplenty Donations be forthcoming And your future be peaceful!
  8. Interesting. Surprise accusations that havent been raised by anyone with boog or Cobra at the very moment I start posting on the OWF again. Interesting.
  9. Repeating what FL said doesnt make it true, I'm afraid. This is the first I've heard of such accusation, you know where our discord is if you want to come and chat about this.
  10. Are these the same regulations that you implemented back in March? "I will be looking at using this as the basis for general community standards moving forwards. 0. Don't be in Nuclear Anarchy, if you must be in nuclear anarchy, make sure the enemy is also in nuclear anarchy. 1. No threats of doxing or actual doxing 2. No threatening members who disagree with you, either via discord or in game actions 3. When problems happen, go to an independent NG Gov for resolutions rather than airing grievances within other discord servers."
  11. And also, you've had the opportunity for this to be a two way street. Many times before. It's hilarious that you've suggested that because I was never given that opportunity to explain, and be heard when the OOC attacks were directed at myself. I was just told "You're wrong, you're lying".
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