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  1. I think you missed the memo about CLAWS literally listening to unreliable intel from a reprobate and not being open about the intel with their allies then causing a full scale war. First rule of intel... verify it! Does it actually mean what you think it means? CLAWS failed on this very basic step. Then failed over. and over. and over. and dragged their allies into it.
  2. The irony is strong here. Did you enjoy your foray into NG's humble abode earlier?
  3. Are your nukes.. ill tempered? I think they have a hankering for Hitchcock.
  4. Young dogs can be equally as stubborn if they arent nurtured in the right way; for example, given the wrong training, advice and lied to.
  5. Another book for the NG Library of Debauchery and Doom
  6. Dear Lyanna Mormont, Thank you for your correspondence. Like you, I am unable to ascertain why the government of CLAWS has not divulged such invaluable information to their alliance members. It is beggars belief that they would behave in such a way. At the risk of sounding too 'hostile', CLAWS are at best incompetent, and at worst, attempting to figuratively pull the wool over their members eyes. Like you, I find myself pleading to CLAWS membership to consider going to GATO or Legion. Yours truly, The Right Honourable Lady
  7. I think NG has "The Monster Book of Calling Out Rubbish CBs" Alongside the "Harry Potter and the Valid Casus Belli" book Also, I think there might be "A Series of Unfortunate CBs" Alongside "50 Shades of Valid CBs"
  8. I'll just pop you in a high chair, and read you a book from the NG Library - "That's not my CB", - the first page having your CB on he left, and on the right.. "That's not my CB, it should be a proper CB full of substance and actual reasons" Also, I won't change your nappy now that you've messed yourselves after realising you don't have the support you thought you had.
  9. um. lol. How about you come out and say what these reasons are then? You're literally all talk and no substance You wouldnt go to court and say "YES I HAVE AN AWESOME DEFENSE" and then not say it? You'd get laughed at by the judge and by the audience, and by the jury if it was a jury trial. We all know the reason you wont come out and say it is that.. the reasons dont exist. Reasons for war are usually a requirement for a CB, even if those reasons are "I don't like you". But it doesnt stop with a rubbish CB does it? The continue
  10. You wont make it public because it doesnt exist. Just saying.
  11. Who are you anyway? You speak as if you represent CLAWS government however I note you are not listed on any of the declarations.
  12. I really would cut your losses and back down at this point. Seriously. You're doing more reputation damage for your alliance now, and will end up being ridiculed.
  13. All I'm hearing is a worn out alliance trying so desperately to be relevant, and failing. Please, stop embarrassing yourself. The truth is out. This hasnt ended well for you... just accept that and move on. Go away, with your tail tucked between your legs, with your dignity intact.. if with this latest tirade of rubbish hasnt removed whatever remnants of dignity you still had.
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