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  1. Wow. That version of history is totally inaccurate. I was a member of Sellswords when I attacked animalz. I also object to being called a rogue, but you can call me what you want in your history. I'd like to set the record state, though. I am not a rogue. My war was legal. I raided a relatively weak alliance for tech that was no longer under FTW protection (protection expired that day). When FTW claimed they were still under their protection I immediately ceased my attacks and offered peace. A rogue doesn't do that. Had I been a rogue I would have continued to attack without any regard to FTWs
  2. Hey! I haven't received payment for my lessons!
  3. Please, you never made the call. I called you.
  4. Oh yea? Is this what you were discussing right before your decision to cry for help?
  5. I'll leave the multi making to your side.
  6. Mmmhmm. You have idea how much I'm looking forward to falling to the bottom just to harass your baby pups. Your little pups are finished. done. Do you understand this? I will own all of them until this is over. For every tax dollar they collect I will make sure they lose 2. For every dollar in aid they receive I will make sure they lose 2. Anywhere your little pups go, anywhere they turn, I'm going to be there to inflict damage. For every little dollar they make from tech deals I will be there standing to make sure they lose 2. They will see me when they wake up in the morning to check their n
  7. All of the money on Bob will never buy what your weaker and younger pups demand the most, security. I'll be a constant annoyance to them even if they end up out damaging. Mmmhmm I'm loving it
  8. What keeps me going is that soon I'll be able to wreck havoc among your weaker tiers. Hear me, so long as we are at war and my nation exists your baby pups will live in fear of me declaring war on them next.
  9. That's debatable too. By the end of this last round my NS will probably be so low I'll be able to harass your even weaker tiers. Can't wait. Won't need that much money to out damage them
  10. Perhaps, but that would only be by virtue of numbers. But I was still better prepared to take on your puppies for months, proving once again that FTW sucks and I don't
  11. I know I matter to Canik, or at least the FTW vs Korlath damage ratio which by the way is still in my favor. Round after round and your puppies can't out damage me.
  12. That depends on how you define "victory." I consider it a victory knowing we proved you couldn't take us on on your own.
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