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  1. I am walking down my own path, not away from duty and responsibilities.
  2. Protectorate Treaty I am pleased to announce that a majority of The Phoenix Federation (TPF) nations have successfully reorganized as the United Federation of Pixels (UFP) and the transition is now complete. Those who remain in TPF are the Old Guard and they will lead TPF as an independent protectorate of UFP. All treaties created under the former TPF remain in place and carried over to UFP. Signed UFP Korlath of Korlithica, of the city of Korsville, born and raised Secretary General TPF Jbone
  3. United Federation of Pixels is super original. But I like 64Pixels. We'll name a pact after that.
  4. People hate what they don't understand I hope you have a pixelated day! Take care
  5. I, Korlath of Korlithica, of the City of Korsville, Born and Raised, acting under the authority and trust bestowed on me by The Phoenix Federation (TPF) membership and its officers, formerly declare that effective immediately the government and remaining membership of TPF will be reorganizing as the United Federation of Pixels (UFP). At least one member of the Old Guard will stay behind to care for what will remain of TPF. UFP continues to recognize all treaties, pacts, alliances, etc. formed under TPF and all remain in effect. UFP will be operating under the name TPF and UFP during the initial transition. Once the transition is complete, we will be operating solely under the name UFP. SIGNED Korlath of Korlithica, of the City of Korsville, Born and Raised Chief Executive Officer of TPF/UFP
  6. Kap resigned and his decision to disband did not reflect the wishes of the membership and the rest of TPF government. His announcement clearly stated that he was leaving the fate of TPF to its members. This is the fate we've chosen. We're still a unified alliance. It's not exactly business as usual but we're still here.
  7. The Phoenix Federation (TPF) surrenders to Non-Grata (NG) and accepts the following terms of surrender. -TPF will post a formal surrender to NG. -TPF agrees not to aid any members of any boognish alliances for the duration of the boongish/Non Grata war. -As Kapleo is no longer a member of TPF, he must petition for his own peace separately should he choose to. In return, NG will not declare any new wars past the date of June 9, 2021, or the day of surrender, whichever is later. All existing wars will be fought to their completion. SIGNED FOR TPF: Korlath of Korlithica, of the City of Korsville, Born and Raised (Overlord) Krunker of Yugovia, Acting Underlord
  8. Hi all, I am a simple man of simple words. I'm a longtime lurker, small player with big problems. I do not know and fully understand what has transpired between TPF, our allies, and our adversaries but I do know that The Phoenix Federation lives on and remains committed to its allies. Effective immediately I am assuming command of TPF. Thank you, Korlath of Korlithica.
  9. Since the events of The Korlath War, or more commonly known as the Snake Eyes War, I have mostly retreated from public life, but I still watch and listen to world affairs quietly in the background. Right now, I almost want to feel bad for CLAWS. There are still people on that side that I met from my time in Alpha Wolves (hi Bundy!) that I am fond of and respect. Sadly, having been at the other side of their stick a couple of times now I'm sure they wouldn't be feeling bad for us. Judging by our previous battles with them, I know they'd be pretty much be dancing on our graves, probably demand reparations, wonder destruction, controlled nation demolitions, maybe have us write a declaration in which they are portrayed as heroes and force us to use their flags as humiliation. These are just some of the things we have had to endure every time we have to deal with CLAWS and their people. Constant bullying, harassment and humiliation. So, I simply can't feel bad for you. Even if we just go mind our business, I don't see you moving past your hatred towards us. If anything, us finally having some justice will only fuel that hatred. They will come again for God knows what reason and they will blame us for it.
  10. Wow. That version of history is totally inaccurate. I was a member of Sellswords when I attacked animalz. I also object to being called a rogue, but you can call me what you want in your history. I'd like to set the record state, though. I am not a rogue. My war was legal. I raided a relatively weak alliance for tech that was no longer under FTW protection (protection expired that day). When FTW claimed they were still under their protection I immediately ceased my attacks and offered peace. A rogue doesn't do that. Had I been a rogue I would have continued to attack without any regard to FTWs alleged non expired protection. It was only after FTW refused to settle the matter peacefully that I continued my attacks.
  11. Hey! I haven't received payment for my lessons!
  12. Please, you never made the call. I called you.
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