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  1. Bon voyage! May you find fair weather and favoring breezes
  2. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/a4258d97-1e8a-4c0d-a1d8-63c0982aa127 I can't nuke myself now, can I?
  3. As someone who was in GATO until October 2007, I think the problem was partially due to the democratic nature of the AA--MoDs were elected and while deputies were assigned, this tended to put folks who were better at expressing their goals into positions of authority in the alliance than the kind who liked the nitty-gritty of figuring out the most effective deployments or coordinating hits. Moving to Paradox was frankly an eye opener--I'd never seen that level of detail and math involved before.
  4. We gotta do that again sometime. I'm working on the rules for Zulu and I've got some for Rough Riders.
  5. Well, you'll still get one from TIE. We'll miss you. Best luck in your future endeavors.
  6. Safe travels FTW, fwiw I know this isn’t over bicycle war, but I appreciate and respect that you weren’t involved there.
  7. Can you remind me what the point is of bringing Lucius and TIE up again, considering despite what you're asserting, the facts of the matter is they stood down and agreed that Lucius's actions led to what happened? Even if they "religiously defended" which is not what actually happened, the fact of the matter is the CLAWS presented a CB they accepted as valid and despite having treaty obligations to TIE they stood down. I don't remember anywhere in CN it says you have to completely agree with someone else's interpretation of events. But, in the end, your argument here actually works again th
  8. So religiously defended we accepted responsibility and told our allies to stand down and they did. It's almost like when there's a valid CB presented, people will accept it and stand aside.
  9. No, it really doesn't. Despite what you say, I've never seen it done this way before. There's a reason even neutral parties are balking over the shenanigans you all pulled. Even your own spheremate sat this one out. What does that say about it? But whatever helps you sleep at night. The facts of how it was settled seem to say otherwise.
  10. Because as I understand that, that was the requirement for NG and COBRA coming to the table with Polar, who were quite miffed that you'd dragged their allies into a war without giving them any explanation and were leaning heavily on your foot to understand why their Oculus allies were attacking another one of their allies. Still fits my understanding of it like a glove Low. Except that once the truth came out Oculus withdrew from the war and peace talks began. So it seems pretty relevant.
  11. I mean, that's a pile of manure as it would have made it clear why you were fighting the war and given Cobra/NG the ability to counter the falsehoods inherent in your position without having to wait for Polar to pressure you all into letting them know why you were attacking them. But I suppose if my CB was as weak as yours, I'd want to hide it too.
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