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  1. @Johnny Apocalypseour little girl's all grown up. Posting alliance announcements...
  2. Agreed. It fulfills the basic principles of flag design quite well.
  3. I only keep playing this game because our existence apparently bothers major alliances so.
  4. But do you know who you want to take you home?
  5. Oh God, lyanna's insults are spreading through COBRA faster than Covid
  6. We try, but someone keeps leaving the keys within arms reach
  7. Didn't mean to sound like I was jumping down your throat. Just figure we should be consistent, whether it be our friends or some creeper in a mursuit.
  8. No need to go there. We're not trying to join in the sexism.
  9. Thanks Johnny for livening up these forums with your rays of sunshine. ❤️
  10. We of the Imperial Entente applaud FTW and ODN's decision to clear up the mess that is the treaty web, one step at a time.
  11. I'm just excited for
  12. The Admin gifteth, but not taketh.
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