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  1. And in this analogy, raiding is saving people from a burning building?
  2. Glad to see the Phoenix return to its roost and FTW and TPF reconcile!
  3. Welcome, things are a bit quieter here, but we're not yet dead!
  4. Next coup i'll make sure you're in on Thanks Stewie!
  5. S'all right. What you don't know is this is all part of Lucius's long con to take back Cobra
  6. Thank you all for your kind words. O7 Small clarification--we are not abandoning our established relationships. However, we do hope that if nothing else, TIE can serve as a bridge between our old friends and any new ones we make along the path forward.
  7. To My Fellow Cybernations--An Address from the Emperor of the Imperial Entente: At 1500 game time on 10/31/2020, Lucius Optimus, the founder and leader of our humble alliance stepped down as Emperor of the Imperial Entente and named me as his successor. I’d like to take this opportunity to do three major things: commemorate Lucius and his service to our AA, outline where TIE stands today, and the future path I hope to set for the Entente. What to say about Lucius? Probably plenty. He’s been around for quite a while and has made his share of friends and enemies. I cannot speak to too much of
  8. ...One of your friends going "I haven't agreed to help KNB, maybe he'll ask you" is not quite the burn you think it is.
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