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  1. I mean, nothing has been posted here in days. I say go for it. The game needs a bit more people with flair.
  2. Is it just FTW policy to always play dumb or is that just how you all are?
  3. Surely these threats are only reserved for AAs that RFI is bigger than. I think it wouldn’t apply to your investments.
  4. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light, You can run on for a long time Run on for a long time Run on for a long time Sooner or later God'll cut you down Sooner or later God'll cut you down
  5. Ah, tis lovely bothers! Lovely indeed! With our chieftains we'll never grieve!
  6. Let the banners flutter, we want to assault!
  7. Ah, ok. I didn’t realize delusion was a foreign policy principle of RFI.
  8. If you didn’t read the earlier post, here’s what a third party had to say regarding our choice to defend an ally vs yours. “This seems a little backwards. This small alliances went to war for an all ally against a much larger alliance with much larger allies. That is far more impressive than jumping in to attack somebody who is already out manned and out gunned. So not try and play this is off as some noble defense of an ally. They were never in any danger unless you think your ally is completely incompetent. The fact is your bored and saw a war you could role into that would cost you nothing.“ This is what isn’t lost on anyone here.
  9. Ah, but the silence surrounded nongrata’s attacks on your treaty ally speaks volumes about what worth your honor is. Our choice to stand with our ally—the little guy, no matter the cost to us, is thunderous about ours. RFI is a lion when attacking a chipmunk, but when there’s a chance they might have to fight another major power, they’re a pussycat. edit: And from the commentary I’ve seen, the world knows it.
  10. Have you notice how, whenever called on their hypocrisy, they go radio silent?
  11. To all of our enemies: We in the Freistaat Bayer just wanted to thank you for pushing me over the million casualty mark. It is good to have something to look forward too aside from collection and bills, is it not? In particular, we would like to thank: The Kingdom of Jamaica The Doom Legions Farnhams Freehold Shoganai Land of Darkness Evergreenterrace Armpit (You are quite effective with spies!) Karawaci The Isles of Juulsta Republican Texas Republic of Eurf Glister Vundf Tristana Vicus Transylvania and the Republic of Boworia. And now, back to the war! MARCHE OF THE WOUNDED SOLDIERS
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