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  1. We of the Imperial Entente applaud FTW and ODN's decision to clear up the mess that is the treaty web, one step at a time.
  2. I'm just excited for
  3. The Admin gifteth, but not taketh.
  4. P-p-p-please don’t throw me into the briar patch!
  5. Hey, any new alliance post in the forums is a day to celebrate! Congratulations
  6. My questions were mainly in order to see if there's a possibility of NG remaining in this world and achieving peace with its enemies. Here are my major questions that relate to the world at large, that I would like an answer to:
  7. I have a few questions. The following questions will be based on the assumption that NG's eradication is not a sine qua non for peace.: 1. Is the disbandment of NG the official endstate of this war? If not, what is the end state and is it possible for NG to demonstrate it in empirical ways beyond "change" and "growth?" 2. Considering NG thought that their attempts to negotiate a surrender were thrown out of hand and the tone of the DoW treating them as rogues, I'm not sure any sort of behavioral change in the sense of being nice to you can be expected--they'll never not despise you, would keeping off OWF and mocking people be a step towards growth? But what other behaviors do you desire changed? Presumably they won't attempt the behavior elucidated in the following question in order to avoid another coalition war in the future, so this seems like a situation that would be resolved by a negotiation where they acknowledge this and promise to refrain from doing it again. 3. One of the casus belli was poaching of alliance members* and other issues were Caustic's attempts to get funding, I understand as well. What evidence can NG give besides an acknowledgement of this and a promise not to do so in the future that would be sufficient for a start in peace negotiations? Now my other questions. As far as I recall, the DoW stated that they were to be treated as rogues and never said anything about what would be sufficient supplication for peace talks, other than the implied removal of Caustic from leadership and disbandment of NG. 1. Thus, if the elimination of NG is the ultimate goal, does this apply to its players as well? 2. If not, how can any alliances be sure that if they take in members from NG they will not eventually be a target due to fears of these new members' agitation? *OOC: I'd like to just say, I don't find this a particularly compelling casus belli, considering this is a game people are playing with free association and what not, if people are so easily swayed away from an alliance, maybe it isn't a good fit and their departure is better for keeping them interested in the game. But that's just my own opinion.
  8. Remember when people would post declarations of war to the forums and explain what they were doing? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  9. Keep flexing. You're really impressing people.
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