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  1. But I want to know what even is a TIE?
  2. I hope we can try to have a restart on our relations. There can be a golden path forward
  3. I mean, I wasn't spying and you still haven't provided any evidence of it. Yeah, I guess I was stupid for trusting my friends to talk to me if they had an issue with me, but I know better now. I name you coward, liar, and traitor. Enjoy the nest of vipers you sit with.
  4. Oh, so as long as we go someone who shall remain nameless, in a very clear and public dispute that made its way to the forums, then it's all right. See, this is why you're bad at subtext.
  5. Ha, you mean the screens you confessed to sharing after you shared them. And you mean the screens you shared because Jason wanted a war that I kept trying to talk down over a stupid sanction idea because he didn't think to ask about something before assuming malfeasance, all started b/c he and johnny thought running trades was the secret path to power? Nice try. And you aren't clever enough about subtext.
  6. Still spreading the old lie, eh? Is that to cover up the fact that you gave screens of Boognish to CCC, NG's ally? Feels like I'm watching Stalag 17 all over again
  7. Welcome to yellow! The golden path!
  8. Right, and I've heard those NG weirdos are allies to TIE, what even is that?
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