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  1. Fighting NPO and all their allies will do that to ya.
  2. I, for one, congratulate our new NG overlords.
  3. @Johnny Apocalypse, I hope no one tells him the amount of people his alliance had to call in to deal with Cobra and TIE...or just NG... Look, I know you're upset you aren't getting that 70K tech you demanded in the first negotiation, or the other humiliations you all felt compelled to tack on, but you need to just accept that you couldn't get better terms than this and move on.
  4. Thanks. I'm unable to check cn right now, but I think my nation ID is 609256, whenever you want to send that $42 in aid. Gotta start rebuilding somehow.
  5. So that was the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything? I want a refund. 42 is broken.
  6. Maybe, but I doubt your reputation will ever recover.
  7. Well, you know they say anything goes.
  8. You were the most fun person I fought. You had a good attitude and bantered with us. You deserve the sportsman award:
  9. We may have lost the war, but Johnny won the meme war.
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