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  1. Oh nice to know you can only read apart if a post, I can finally figure out where to send this spare reading tutor I have.
  2. We definitely do, wanna hold a comedy night?
  3. Lol I thought I was very clear with my comments being that I think this whole thing is a joke. Again not that it matters much as I'm just a retired vet
  4. Fairly certain not even half of Polar hit NADC fairly certain was more like a fifth
  5. I kinda think the fact it's gotta take that much to beat them, they kinda already won.
  6. Oh that's some interesting stuff right there
  7. I can't wait for when they try that with me because I'm not stopping my deals with Kashmir
  8. Pretty much the only funny part of this thread. The rest of it is just stupid
  9. What are we up to now nation count wise v nation count? Seems like it's just becoming a dog pile while we can
  10. For those moments when you just can't handle a micro
  11. Alexio15

    The dragon is dead!

    Congrats on beating it Daj, hope your recovery goes well
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