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  1. Well considering I've been touted as the mastermind behind the occ going to hit RFI. Its funnier that you all think I have the effort required to spend on such a task of magnitude that Junka is ranting about. I mean the most that got was me expressing my desire to roll FTW because I can't stand the incessant whining that comes from them.
  2. They cant do anything without us, isnt that why they are so tied to us.
  3. I would love to know @Canik how Polar disrupted the war? I would also love to know why white peace was so disastrous to you? Because if I remember correctly and I do, and I can drop logs on your stupid thoughts. I was there trying to put a stop to this war and close it down about a month ago. However you couldn't get your head out of your ass and talk reasonably. Also you have a leak boy a big leak, I'm just waiting till you finally grow some balls and follow up. Until then do yourself a favour and keep Polar outta your mouth because if you cant handle a micro you damn well wont handle us.
  4. So clap clap clap for bailing the worst alliance in CN history out of the hole they got themselves into.
  5. Oh look the guy who hides is back, guys I found the false Canik. I the one true Canic will take his place as rightful ruler of FTW and rid the world of the trash. They are going to call as many people as they can as they couldn't even handle cobra. Got their asses handed to them. Dragging for weeks, try months I was trying to sort a peace deal out with these ass clowns for my boys in cobra. Got so shockingly bad I had to pass it off because he couldn't figure out the difference between winning and losing
  6. You cant kill something that never existed
  7. But the poorly performing zombies are doing better then the brain dead wolves
  8. Might change my name to Canic and go take over FTW just to disband it
  9. Tbh you could likely take the entire bloc yourselves
  10. Oh nice to know you can only read apart if a post, I can finally figure out where to send this spare reading tutor I have.
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