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    "May warriors' fortune smile on our efforts."

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  1. commander thrawn

    Macedonian Jackboots

    Going into peace mode would require being active enough that 3 people can't create a schism in your AA.
  2. commander thrawn

    I shall take my leave now

    Hahahahahahahaha. You appear to be the real ass here for several reasons.
  3. commander thrawn

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Yes, Spartan interference in our affairs cannot stand unpunished.
  4. commander thrawn

    to the legion

    Good for the legion.
  5. commander thrawn

    MHA Declaration of War

    I wasn't in peace mode, but inactives man.
  6. commander thrawn

    MHA Declaration of War

    No one can hit us anyway.
  7. commander thrawn

    A Nordreich Announcement

    Nice to see.
  8. commander thrawn

    An Umbrella Announcement

    I'd say both.
  9. commander thrawn

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    This is a special kind of spergy right here.
  10. commander thrawn

    I'm So Mad

    Hahaha. Happy New Year everyone.
  11. commander thrawn

    CN Person & Alliance of the Year

    Roq/umbrella for putting an end to OBR.
  12. commander thrawn

    Recognition of Hostilities with Aevrum

    Burn them.
  13. commander thrawn

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Is it 2007 again?