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    "May warriors' fortune smile on our efforts."

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  1. commander thrawn

    to the legion

    Good for the legion.
  2. commander thrawn

    MHA Declaration of War

    I wasn't in peace mode, but inactives man.
  3. commander thrawn

    MHA Declaration of War

    No one can hit us anyway.
  4. commander thrawn

    A Nordreich Announcement

    Nice to see.
  5. commander thrawn

    An Umbrella Announcement

    I'd say both.
  6. commander thrawn

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    This is a special kind of spergy right here.
  7. commander thrawn

    I'm So Mad

    Hahaha. Happy New Year everyone.
  8. commander thrawn

    CN Person & Alliance of the Year

    Roq/umbrella for putting an end to OBR.
  9. commander thrawn

    Recognition of Hostilities with Aevrum

    Burn them.
  10. commander thrawn

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Is it 2007 again?
  11. commander thrawn

    SLAP Rides

    Micro drama with a lunatic...
  12. commander thrawn

    Recogniton of ?

    Its ok Hime, I would be angry if I had spent as much time failing as you.
  13. commander thrawn

    Recogniton of ?

    Hahahahaha. I knew it was going to be bad. But this is even better than I had hoped.