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  1. Better, at what exactly. The reason I have played since 2007 is not because it is high-tech/fast-paced etc. It is because it is simple. If I had to log-in everyone 20 minutes to maximize in-game income or whatever like some browser games I would never have lasted a month. But you can be competitive and build a nation with a few minutes a day/week/month. This and the way in which the resources/wars work in-game make it so that alliances and out of game politics are the bigger draw. Rather than trying to build too much into the game itself, the community created the dynamics and the politics on
  2. It isn't a dick measuring contest, it is a contest of ideas. Hopefully some of the audience members are not invested in either side of the debate, or are looking for information to pick a side. I have gotten a number of PMs from people who read some of my posts in the BR and learned from them, or had additional questions on my points and were genuinely interested in them. It is a combination of the feeling I get when that happens, and the fun of the battle of wits that keeps me coming back.
  3. I dont argue to win my opponent over, its the 3rd parties watching.
  4. There was an alliance that did that once, and then they got killed.
  5. You can also get paid via paypal.
  6. Yes. Old Spice works well and isn't too expensive, Axe is for high-schoolers leaving football practice.
  7. nah they are gold dealers they buy at one price sell it for higher and make money on the spread. they also usually charge commissions and sell storage services for buyers.
  8. Are you saying your specific combo (including not buying infra) might be a first?
  9. Consider the underlying assumptions of affirmative action.
  10. I too find it is hard to debate with people who support affirmative action.
  11. The beauty of the US system is that it is not supposed to create an effective ruling government. It is supposed to be inefficient, create political stagnation and dispute. The best thing we could do is add term limits so congress isn't a career, then maybe we can get some principled politicians in place to actually try to fix problems with the system, rather than perpetuate the system's problems for personal gain.
  12. The mods are actually pretty good at this kind of thing. Sharing a network isn't allowed, but it doesn't warrant a ban either if there isn't reason to believe you are using multis or it is just a one-off. At least that is how I always understood it.
  13. Benedict did do a good job, and he resigned because he feels he can no longer do the job effectively because he cannot travel. The guy is in his 80s.
  14. The real question is... why would I want 120 or more frames per second to play Cybernations?
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