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  1. All wars end with peace. May be easier to start a war and end it in the same day. Saves all of the trouble in the middle, much more efficient this way. Results are the same with less damage.
  2. KoRT was 2.5 times smaller than npo at the time of the sneak attack. I don't know of any good moral that can apply here. It kind of reminds me of a bully and his gang finds out his victim and his good friends are black belts. It did not end well.
  3. So this war is a suicide for some npo nations?. Why did suicidal nations drag all of npo into this?. If suicide was the goal why attack a alliance 2.5 times smaller than you?. What is the definition of fun for "...Driving out all the newbs. Crippling the seller economy ..." James Spanier (wise words) . How is it fun for them. If you attack low tier tech selling nations you could anger other alliances that buy their tech, this can't be a good strategy.
  4. Congrats to " The Legion and The Dark templar they both move up in the alliance rankings....
  5. Not for me. I don't like war, however some really like it. I look forward to re-building my humble nation. A war for no reason will not entertain me.
  6. He has been a good sport so far. However my humble nation poses no real threat, it follows order blindly and cares not about damage to itself. Helping others is more important then war in my opinion for the alliance long term well being.
  7. If no one cares. Some/many wish to go out in a blaze of glory. Want to ignore the "sim city nations" as they have no purpose in your view.... Then.... Why not let the warmongers group into two new equal size alliances and have a war to end all wars. Think of the fun they could have (I base this on forum posts). Blasting each other as the fun goes on and on. Looking at smoke fill sunsets, bathing in radiation all day, and having radiation burns to scratch down to the bone. The boring "sim city" nations must stay out (they don't know how to have fun like this). Possibles rules?. You can not ask any sim city nations for aid. You can attack any nation in range in the other warmongers group. ( no sim city nations) As the war goes on if one alliance gains to a edge on the other, relocation of nations may occur. Can't enter PM. Victory occurs when nation is totally destroyed. Last nation standing gets a new title (ideas for glorious title needed) and a forum thread to brag in. "Two new alliances enter... one nations leaves" Sim city nations must stay out, there is no peace for us here. However we can watch. Some may wish to cheer.
  8. Your correct.... or more correct than I. I think maybe one scientist may have ask why ... perhaps when the scientist was a kid.
  9. 622,356 Nations Simulated To Date Cyber Nations is a free browser-based nation simulation game. Create a nation and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, tax rate and more. Build your nation according to your choosing by purchasing infrastructure to support your citizens, land to expand your borders, technology to increase your effectiveness, and military to defend your national interests. Develop improvements for your nation such as harbors to enhance your ability to trade with other nations, build clinics and hospitals to increase your total population, and invest in schools and universities to increase your people's literacy rate. Finance national wonders like great temples and monuments or expand beyond the confines of this world by building colonies on the Moon and Mars. Trade with other players, build formidable alliances, wage wars against your enemies, assist others with foreign aid, spy on suspected rogue nations. It's all up to you. How will you rule your nation? Except... "Create a nation and decide how you will rule your people..." The nation leader choice. "Develop improvements for your nation such as harbors to enhance your ability to trade with other nations..." Your choice "wage wars against your enemies, assist others with foreign aid, spy on suspected rogue nations. It's all up to you..." Again "It's all up to you" "How will you rule your nation?" Sim city , neutral or warmonger... Its your call so no one can say you must play this way because I do .... All are playing the way they want to. Appears the game creators don't agree with you on this.... Sounds like if you want you may build "sim city" and live in peace or war you can. If you want war you may go to war, however you should attack other war like nations. Attacking nations that do not want war causes them to play the game your way. If they no longer like the game because their playing your way not theirs they drop out. Sim city nations pose no threat to warmongers, let them play their way. Other wise you may appear to be a bully. Sorry if I disagree with you... You have the right to disagree with me as well.
  10. Very interesting... So if someone attack you or your alliance they are offering you a prize?. Appears that I have it all wrong again, I need to thank my attackers for the kind gift. I guess when giving the opportunity I should return the favor . I have a question however.. If a new alliance enter the war with the excuse surprise or please accept this gift, you would be happy to accept this kind offer on behalf of your alliance?. Do to the fact they offer a prize/gifts all nonaggression treaty would no longer apply as this is a gift offer and not a aggressive act . Sorry about my confusion, I have difficulties seeing the strategy/logic of this. I thank you for sharing your views, ideas and strategies and for helping me understand them.
  11. The USA scramble for reason after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Polish people did the same after Germany attack them in WW2. I use war history as a example in this time of war. Your correct "people scramble for reason in an unreasonable world" we may call this human nature. As you know war have no prize, life is lost on both sides. Both side look for "... reason in an unreasonable world" and ask why did so many die. Thank you for playing as well. A civil reply is always welcome even if we disagree a bit. BTW people asking why is what keeps Scientist employed looking for reason.
  12. Looking back at the old posts I think I see one reason for the war.... A few Polaris members wanted 5m Casualty, and at 50% of the strength of Polaris KoRT was a easy target. To all other nations drag into this... Sorry about your lost .
  13. "Knights of the Grail is a peaceful nation. War is not an option since 12/10/2016" That a logical strategy considering the 250 rule, its legal in the game rules. Only a fool would exit PM after 4 years to get kill by a alliance 2-3 times bigger than his. I see no one being threaten by this peaceful nation or any other peaceful nation in CN. Its also a good way for a alliance leader to show that he doesn't want trouble. A nation in PM is harmless in its honorable peace. Remember this nation and/or its alliance did not start this war. You are correct and wise to point out this blunder. I guess we disagree a little on PM James, however we agree on blunders ...
  14. Please tell him to be careful... If the nuke goes off while he is disarming it the virus is no longer a concern, however I don't think that any protective gear will help him. Also nuke- fried Term may smell bad, making it hard to deal with allies. A better strategy would be to send all contaminated infra, land, tech, and un-exploded nukes with surrounding land back to KoRT along with any adjacent infra, land, and tech that may have been in contact. Let them deal with it. You may call this a biological attack as part of your war. If you look around you may find others that would take this contaminated stuff off your hands, if so be sure to thank them.
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