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  1. keeology

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Could be worse. The leader of monsters Inc is pretty bad themselves
  2. keeology

    Special Prosecution

    I'm going to appeal this decision to the supreme court.
  3. keeology

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Naw don't want me, I'm high in fats and calories. I do however make an excellent Atlantic cod with lime and ginger. Or Maine lobster. Both Atlantic's finest. Seafood not your cup of tea? A triple cheese fondue with a nice white wine would be delicious.
  4. keeology

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Now a NADC/polar treaty. Now that would be a Hell of a ride. Lol
  5. keeology

    Recognition of Hostilities

    You mean allies already being rolled by occ? I'm sure polar was scared of little ol NADC. Pretty much polar wanted a punching bag and they got one.
  6. keeology


    This announcement has me torn. Can't go wrong with crv24 and alexio. Can't go wrong with more casulties for the casualty God.
  7. keeology

    What should this war be called?

    Quoted for truth.
  8. Who said I didn't like NG. I've always found you guys entertaining. But yes I'm a sideline guy who just wants a good reason to bring out the popcorn.
  9. Or.................... Do something different with something on the line. Screw politics, screw bob, screw it all. Just being different would be entertaining enough
  10. 1v1 now that would be worthy of getting out the popcorn. Go 1v1 for a few rounds ones who dished out the most damage keeps maroon.
  11. keeology

    Treaty and DoW

    Guess should read the other threads before posting
  12. keeology

    Treaty and DoW

    This thread is boring me I demand more Crappy puns.
  13. I am impressed TPF remaining steadfast in keeping after NPO. I got no dog in the fight. I've just re awoke in the world from a long slumber.
  14. keeology

    Who Said a Tyrant Can't Have a Friend?

    Vote atlas For brown team senate