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  1. wiccan high priest

    TTK's second peace of 2017

    awesome, your moving to pink? that would make Maroon totally awesome again.
  2. wiccan high priest

    Aevum Declaration of War

    Snifff. Snifff. I smell !@#$%^&* in this whole statement.
  3. wiccan high priest

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    You stand a better chance of getting a blow job from a pitbull before that happens.
  4. wiccan high priest

    Spirit of the Knight Accord

    Love the concept of the alliance, a Celtic mythology based alliance. Led by quite an interesting person. (Go raibh an ghrian ardú i gcónaí, ghrian a leagtar i gcónaí, agus an bandia i gcónaí mar thoradh go ciallmhar.)
  5. wiccan high priest

    Official Surrender of Sparta

    Interesting terms, I like that NpO did not go the vendictive route, but went a direction that was a win, win for Sparta. It shows is less about the war and more the character of the people negociating the terms. My hat is off to Sparta for the good terms. and I My respect to NpO and AlmightyGrub for showing the quality of leadership that the game is lacking.
  6. wiccan high priest

    Why did no one give me a name for this?

    Keres long time no see, good to see active.
  7. wiccan high priest

    Order Squared

    What I said to you had nothing to do with what anyone else said. I asked one question, and made a statement. You ignored the question and called me a name dropper after I pointed out your words do not hold up to the standards of an imperial officer. And all I said was, neither Ivan or Moo would have tolerated your attitude and the way your conducting yourself.
  8. wiccan high priest

    Order Squared

    If telling you your talking like back yard street trash instead of an imperial officer is name dropping then you are a true disgrace to the title you hold.
  9. wiccan high priest

    Order Squared

    I will ask one question of Deathadder and one question only, how many times has NG plotted and attacked TTK only to have to call in allies every single time to bail them out of the fight? As for a personnel note, we have talked many times in the past (be it long ago). your manner in which you talk and what you say is way below what is expected from a NPO milcom commander, and Ivan and Moo would not have allowed that from any of its members, I know that personally. You need to try to keep it respectful and to a standard for the office you hold.
  10. wiccan high priest

    The Bear Cavalry Declaration of Existence

    Good to See Van Hoo back in charge of something. I hope this works out as well as ROK did in it's glory days.
  11. wiccan high priest

    Popping some Roids

    Wow, one of the best answers of this thread. I take my hat off to you sir.
  12. wiccan high priest

    Popping some Roids

    Now thats funny
  13. wiccan high priest

    7 years...

    To my friends at CRAP, if it wasn't for the fact you had a ConstapatedApe there would not be nearly as much CRAP to spread Around. Congrats on 7 years and enjoy the ride to 8 years.
  14. wiccan high priest

    Nordreich Imperial Proclamation

    sends Redneck a bottle of Jim bean hand delivered by Manussa..
  15. wiccan high priest

    Nordreich Imperial Proclamation

    Congrats to Redneck and the rest of the new Nordreich government.