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    Waiting for GRRM to release TWOW.

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    New Parasol Order?

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  1. Horatio Longworth

    Are You Not Entertained?

    There's the Gladiator reference we were looking for.
  2. Horatio Longworth


    That seems almost balanced enough to be a Wes Anderson shot. Good luck to all.
  3. Horatio Longworth

    D1 dow

    For future reference:
  4. Horatio Longworth

    D1 dow

  5. Horatio Longworth

    D1 dow

  6. Horatio Longworth

    D1 dow

    Lying in bed when I get an e-mail notification on my phone at precisely 12:59. Crummy night. Good luck. Have fun. o/ War
  7. Horatio Longworth

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    YES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYpz3abAk98
  8. Horatio Longworth

    TE- Round 46

    Daddy left us.
  9. Horatio Longworth

    TE- Round 46

    "Was it because I was bad?"
  10. Horatio Longworth

    TE- Round 46

    Daddy drove alone to the store to pick up some cigarettes. He must have gotten lost because it's been two months and he's still not back.
  11. I'm fine. I'm not ignoring you all. I'm just taking a break from planet Steve. . . early. RL is very, very, busy for me right now. Good luck to everyone next round. o/
  12. Horatio Longworth

    We come in pieces

    Let's get physicals.
  13. Horatio Longworth

    War Faces

    o/ War
  14. Horatio Longworth

    Winter is Coming with Fire and Blood

    *nods in approval* o/