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  1. I guess we finally made an honest couple out of each other. o/
  2. Does it seem strange to you that Pacific has spent more time in this world being treatied to the Doomsphere than it has spent being enemies with it? Because I will admit that those words sound surreal when I say them out loud.
  3. Congratulations. I am glad you are all still around.
  4. Wasn't me. I've completely forgotten to be running spy ops. No XP-gaining for me. OOps.
  5. Joke was on you. I have no generals. My soldiers are running around with no leadership!
  6. That seems almost balanced enough to be a Wes Anderson shot. Good luck to all.
  7. Lying in bed when I get an e-mail notification on my phone at precisely 12:59. Crummy night. Good luck. Have fun. o/ War
  8. YES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYpz3abAk98
  9. Daddy drove alone to the store to pick up some cigarettes. He must have gotten lost because it's been two months and he's still not back.
  10. I'm fine. I'm not ignoring you all. I'm just taking a break from planet Steve. . . early. RL is very, very, busy for me right now. Good luck to everyone next round. o/
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