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  1. o/ Subaru Sad to see you go, but at least you'll still be stuck being allied to us in a different alliance. Couldn't stand not having you around at all.
  2. Invicta has 70 members, looking in game. It seems fairly plausible that about half or more of their votes in Red senate came from NPO votes, which probably will not be tagging along to Purple.
  3. Important question: Is this war going to be all about them Imperial Decrees and Declarations?
  4. Huh? As far as I'm aware, this topic is currently about berbers decrying Umbrella for... Some shifting reason which seems to boil down to just not liking them. That he proclaims that he's doing this as a noble gesture to warn us doesn't really make the discussion about us. I think most of us try to stay out of this kind of fight on the OWF -- it never really leads anywhere useful.
  5. The amount of off-topic butthurt by MI6 in this thread is rather amusing. We get it, you're still upset that your sorry little alliance got what was coming for it, but no amount of crying about how terrible everyone else is will bring the past back for you. Suck it up and start doing something useful instead of whining.
  6. I happen to like both NATO and IRON, so I should hail this. On the other hand, we are in the USSR, as a Red alliance. This may get complicated. o/
  7. I am terribly sorry to all those promoted. And also slightly afraid of having to serve under these people. Also, Hail the Emperor! Hail the Order!
  8. Is anyone honestly surprised that Schattenmann conveniently conflates people with the alliances they are in, and alliances with their allies, all the while accusing others of being slippery? The pretence that this is anything but a petty personal grudge looking for whatever excuse it can find to perpetuate itself is growing really thin, mate.
  9. I, for one, don't understand why people bother to talk with TPF. They weren't a rational political actor for at least a year before this, and they certainly are even less so now. No amount of talking will have any effect, other than possibly causing annoyance and confusion. I'm also not certain why some members of TPF continue to post half-lies and spin if they sincerely intend to end their presence here. Surely it is entirely pointless for them to do so? Or perhaps they aren't being entirely honest in that rhetoric of not caring, either...
  10. Yes, SNX's numbers really are what jumps out at me from that table. Good job.
  11. I thought it was well known that the Orders were the natural enemy of the Orders. Damn Orders, they ruined the Orders...
  12. >Cavalry of Elite Omega Ninjas I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds cool.
  13. I'm downloading the stats files almost daily either way, so I could help out, I guess. I don't have the time to write a script to prettify the output, though. Perhaps later.
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