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  1. rexius

    Merry Christmas

    I guess i'm a youngin too! My age is9 years 5 months 7 days 23 hours and 15 minutes You were born in 6:55pm on Saturday 21st July 2007 Next birthday in6 months 22 days 0 hours and 44 minutes Your age is total 3,448 days.
  2. rexius

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Ordo Paradoxia... Be safe and travel safe over the holiday break.
  3. rexius


    Ordo Paradoxia and Defcon1 are wiling to both offer/accept peace once OP's original wars expire on 11/16. I have assured Wasso that OP will end it's involvement only after AW and those nations fighting in their behalf also agree to end hostilities. What say ye? Rexius
  4. rexius


    How so? If you are referring to Rock n Rolla and Hagdang bato leaving OP for D1... we had no prior knowledge of it.. Only that they were tired of waiting for a war to break out.. Which I didn't blame them for... but one had nothing to do with the other..
  5. This is why something needs to change with trades... newbies are usually always at a disadvantage because rings are usually already set up for returning veteran players.. I love the challenge and creativity trades once supplied... however with declining participation... it’s now more of a pain in the neck than anything.. And I think that’s one reason that the newbies we do manage to get... ultimately get discouraged and quit. So it’s not just getting them here... it’s also finding better ways to keep the ones that we do get..
  6. With the amount of participation steadily declining.. as well as the increasing popularity of temp trading... I think some creative changes to trades/rings could be of benefit... The success of both individual nations/ alliances (old or new) depend on having good and active trades... I think taking some of the frustration out of it would benefit the game as a whole.. What exactly those changes should be I don’t know... I just know it’s not working in the same capacity it used to..
  7. rexius

    Wolves DoW

    Good luck to both parties! Have fun! o/ Defcon1 o/ AW
  8. rexius

    DevilDogs DoW

    Ordo Paradoxia accepts Devil Dogs offer of peace.... That said... this kind of !@#$%^&* needs to stop.. There used to be at least some boundaries... some decorum... in TE.
  9. rexius

    Tag-Team DoW

    I love the how the facts are still being ignored.. Seriously.. you still refuse to admit that it was a rather large down declare???? You know that OP generally doesn’t wine about things like this.. We usually mind our business and go about our business trying to hurt you back as much as we possibly can.. Mercs, AW, OP, Misfits combined avg. strength 17,000 ... TDO combined Avg. Strength 30,919 30,917 vs 17,000 Much wider than this.... and game rules wouldn’t even allow many of your nations to declare... Trust me... I know from OP’s glory days of being top builders and fighters... how hard it was sometimes to find targets/AA's that were even reasonably close in Nation Strength to declare on. But the difference is we never would have gone ahead with such a disparity in strength as much as this. I guess what bothers me most is that you seemingly didn’t care... or if you ever consider the consequences of how beating down young and/or less experienced players which were already at a disadvantage at the start... only serves to hurt participation in a game which is already in serious decline. PS.. I do want to say that appreciate the complimentary and sportsmanlike comments I have been hearing from some TDO members. Oh well... I’m not gonna harp on this any further... back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  10. rexius

    Tag-Team DoW

    You were in a hurry? With so many other alliances already engaged? Please don’t tell me you feared that we’d all hit you first. The following stats were compiled from a screen shot 4/12/2016 4:14 am. Just hours after the initial blitz. Where do you see even? TDO 25 nations 30,917 Avg. Strength 4,531 Avg. Infra 622 Avg. Tech 176 Nukes Mercs 12 nations 16,056 Avg. Strength 2,762 Avg. Infra 407 Avg, Tech 81 Nukes Alpha Wolves 13 nations 14,644 Avg. Strength 2,718 Avg. Infra 338Avg. Tech 60 Nukes OP 9 Nations 22,145 Avg. Strength 3,462 Avg. Infra 478 Avg. Tech 77 Nukes Misfits 6 Nations 15,198 Avg. Strength 2,494 Avg. Infra 325 Avg. Tech 32 Nukes Misfits 10 declarations by TDO OP 27 declarations by TDO AW 11 declarations by TDO Mercs 25 declarations by TDO
  11. rexius

    Tag-Team DoW

    Actually... it’s not weird at all... as I can only judge you based on my own experiences. DGMW... I do admire TDO’s activity level... it's coordination... and it's building prowess... but you are wrong... this isn't a defensive war.. it was a revenge war.. a revenge war for as you coined it.. the “Happy Playtime” war. I guarantee... that any war would be considered "Happy Playtime” for whichever AA had on average had twice the NS as it's opponents... Obviously you sensed that from the start... hence your title... And that’s also why you conveniently never posted any pre-war stats... You don’t need to fight dirty or unfairly... Which is exactly why I question TDO’s class.
  12. rexius

    Tag-Team DoW

    Your right Cazaric.... TDO is indeed the poster child for "BIG FISH" in "little pond". TDO is largely fighting against handfuls of tired veterans coupled with many enthusiastic but inexperienced players. Players who are spread out over a few small alliances, The very same alliances which TDO unceremoniously tried their best to curb stomp earlier in the round. $$$$ and coordination still triumphs in TE OP and TPC both were once where you guys are now.. We just had more class..
  13. rexius

    Happy Playtime

    Peace has been agreed to with TDO once initial wars expire at update tonight 16/17.
  14. rexius

    Happy Playtime

      I see we've had a chorus of responses for my request for stats?  http://youtu.be/CQFEY9RIRJA
  15. rexius

    Happy Playtime

      OP was also very disappointed about about missing out in the aforementioned festivities..... so we scoured the remaining warless alliances/nations for some semblance of a  balanced and fair fight....  Yet we could not find such scenario. I guess we wrongly figured that we'd have to wait things out...   But... speaking of "Rude" Where are the Stats???