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  1. Thats what She said. We reckon Defcon1 have bitten off a bit more than they can chew And why stop at a 3 some? 4 way or a 5 way is much more our thing. As such, The Sexy Gladiatiors declare war on NLON and The Pack! We are ready, are you?
  2. sorry we looked at ur last nukes which fell on 29th for you 30th for the rest of your AA. didnt actualy see when ur war ended. my bad. we also watched your rebuild and collect. yes 11 of us attacked the 6 of DCS and 5 of OP. the only 2 AA s not at war or in anarchy. only 8 or 9 hit on time. 2 or 3 came after update.
  3. Unfortunately The Sexy Gladiators have been left with not many warring options. However, our appetite for war and casualties cannot be tamed any other way. And we have taken the best sensible option in our view here. As such, The Sexy Gladiators will be sending the following nations to War with OP and DCS. It is our intention to keep this 11 v 11, and have a good clean round of destruction. Our intentions have been relayed to the "Enemy" prior in an attempt to give them forewarning of our 11v11 skirmish idea. Obviously, we cannot dictate to anyone how they must play, however, we do suggest to OP and DCS that you do not counter and bring anyone else into this war, besides the 11 Warriors who have been nominated. Good luck to all! Stats and Nominated Warriors below.
  4. StevieG

    D1 dow

    Both parties have agreed to peace tonight, at update of 23/24th. Hope you enjoyed breaking our !@#$!
  5. StevieG

    D1 dow

    As expected its Defcon1 with the huge down declare yet again. You cannot argue this, and you kept stats out of your declare. And as like Defcon one of old you are breaking your agreements without any discussion. We all know the real you, you have just proven yourselves.
  6. StevieG

    D1 dow

    Oh ya I thought it looked wrong. Why are you coming at us with 150k 200k advantage?
  7. StevieG

    D1 dow

    Got stats?
  8. StevieG

    Strongest Alliance award

    can we get rid of top 2 nations by strength? the award is infra lost. so reward the 2 nations who lost the most infra during war. important that this doesn't include selling infra off. anything to get away from the "top 2 nations by strength" please. This current system incentivises me to save all my money and let all my AA mates do the hard work. and then on the last day I can spend hundreds of millions to buy up to 1 or 2 and profit off all the hard work from my AA. during at which time that I was saving money, I was also contributing far less towards the group. can you see how that is a bad thing?
  9. @admin please shorten the cool down on editing resources to 5 days as consistent with war and wonder cycles. this suggestion has unanimous approval from anyone left playing TE
  10. StevieG

    Tweaks to Awards

    like get rid of the top 2 nation at the end qualifier. don't think it matters when they join the AA as long as the stat taken to determine which 2 nations from the winning AA, is a good one. and in my opinion should relate to what the AA award is. ie. for most soldiers killed AA award. reward the 2 nations who have killed the most enemy soldiers. if possible. for most infra lost. reward the 2 nations who lost the most infra. (not sold infra. broken during war type thing) I don't really know what can easily be done. but there s plenty of stats the game tracks which offer a far better award system. we have gotten rid of the last minute individual award system which I think everyone knows is better. the same needs to be done for AA Awards
  11. StevieG

    Tweaks to Awards

    most money earned or most money spent. we have had those before. would prefer a war award similar to most nukes launched. what about the "qualifiers" determining which 2 nations win the AA Awards? it's about time we got rid of the "top 2 nations at the last minute" system. don't u think?
  12. StevieG

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    No 6 would be plain dumb. It would be ok to try a round with capping it at 12, but I think if its always capped you are going to lose members not gain them. Sure it throws the AA prizes way up for grabs by limiting the effect of recruiting. The communities that are built out of the AAs we create and run may stick together with hard work from the leadership, essentially running multiple AAs under one umbrella to keep our communities engaged and interacting with each other. or it may just trickle out into nothing. . Some members from the smaller AAs to communicate and participate in the Wider TE Community, but the mainstay is these 20 odd man AAs, who harbour a community that is extremely interactive and communicative. Wolves and Iron can easily grow to 20 odd and that puts us at 4 AAs with 20odd. Decent really. But you would make all these AAs potentially cut a line down the middle and split into 2, so that the smaller AAs can compete for AA awards? You guys should just merge. Putting a 12 man CAP will turn it into a cutthroat game, which is absolutely fine for a round. Dont be squealing up declare down declare though. It will be no holds barred thats for sure.
  13. StevieG

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    Score isnt a problem with "Strongest AA" gone. Not having a go at you but there are plenty of AAs who sit there with a handful of nations not contributing to or competing for AA awards anyways. Im neither here nor thereon capping, but if you dont like the fact D1 has 20 plus members and you dont, then recruit as they have done. What reward will they, or any AA for that matter continue to get from recruiting if you cap it at 12? You may get more smaller competition, but surely some hunger to recruit would disappear?
  14. First of all, I would say that the changes we have had are good. But they can be better. And some of the weird idiosyncrasies that plagued TE before, still exist. Here is the list of this rounds Award structure, and my views on them. you can add what it is you think is good, and what doesn't really work in your view. 1 Peak Nation Strength. The player that finishes Tournament Round 46 with the Peak Nation Strength record(the peak nation strength according to the award stats) Is an Economy award, and a good one. Replaced "Top nation at the last minute" to good effect. 2 Most Government Bills. The player that finishes Tournament Round 46 with the Most Government Bills record(the most government bills according to the award stats) Is an Economy award, and not a very good one in my mind. Was able to win this a few times with a bad economy, just manipulating factors to make myself pay the highest possible bills. Replace with another Econ award I would think. Or a military Award even better. 3 Most Popular Nation. The player that finishes Tournament Round 46 with the Most Popular Nation record (the most senate votes received in an election cycle according to the award stats) Voting Award lol. Im not at all bothered, this is a democracy award. There are some that hate it. I am not among them 4 Most Land The player that finishes Tournament Round 46 with the Most Land record (the most land ever in the round according to the award stats) Is an Economy award straight up. Not as hard as Peak Strength, but still requires very good Economy. And a WRC too. 5 Most Nuclear Missiles Launched.(this is irrespective of SDIs the way I read it) The player that finishes Tournament Round 46 with the Most Nuclear Missile Launches record (the most nuke launches in the round according to the award stats)The two nations involved in the Most Destructive War on the awards screen (XP must be enabled) Awesome, and about time! Reward the war mongers. 6 Most Destructive War The two nations involved in the Most Destructive War on the awards screen (XP must be enabled) Surely most of you know by now that this award is only won when nations "open themselves up" to take more damage, and it promotes collusion between opponents to bring up the damage score. It does not reward real warriors and all out fighting. Rather Damage should be tracked over the whole round, and perhaps the 2 or even 3 nations who have pumped out the most damage over the round should be DAMAGE MAKERS WINNERS. 7 Most Soldiers Killed (AA Award) The top two players by Most Attacking Casualties that finish Tournament Round 46 in the alliance that records the Most Soldiers Killed on the awards screen Is good in principle, but "The top 2 players by most attacking casualties" is not a good qualifier. Rather it should be those that have killed the most soldiers (is this possible @admin Why is this not a good qualifier? Because I can delete my Guerrilla Camps and lose many many soldiers. Which I do anyways to gain more casualties. And im 100 percent entitled to do that and lose many hundreds of thousand in loot. 8 Most Infrastructure Lost The top two players by nation strength that finish Tournament Round 46 in the alliance that records the Most Infrastructure Destroyed award on the awards screen (infrastured destroyed is determined by infrastructure lost by alliance members during war, 10 member alliance minimum) Any change is good hey lets try it. I am skeptical of "losing awards" as you can again open yourself up to damage. But this is cumulative over the round, so thats a good thing. You cant cripple yourself early and expect to get an advantage out of it. The trends weve seen over the rounds is the AA that destroys the most infra, usually is also there about in infra lost. maybe theres been a few exceptions.
  15. StevieG

    Moon Hotspot