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  1. I just want to be able to compete. Its not much fun when you are blind sided by someone 20k stronger and cant even put up a good fight. Actually by definition its your fault. But yeah...nice try. Plus you would have to down-delcare 20k to be able to gloat that you took 1k infra. No duh dumb ass. Your just proving my point.
  2. Guess I wont play nice either.
  3. What I would give to be attacked by someone my nation strength. Nice to see no one in this game has a pair. Dear lord, attack people your NS. Stop with all the damn downdeclares. Game filled with cowards. I get attacked by the #7 and number #9 meanwhile here I am at #58. Seems legit. lol bunch a pussies.
  4. Lol your strategy to curb potential flag runners is to avoid the highst NS and then "Hope" they hit you. lol dont join the army.
  5. EDIT: Ehh...Ill let the Coyote relay the message.
  6. lol bro you are a cowards, and you did down-declare.. Plz elaborate on the "tissue" as it was u and your alliance who sent the whiny pm's/ Am I to pass this tissue on to your nearest cry baby? Cause I can do that...wrapped nice and neat in a nuclear package. "None of you were higher NS than me" - My point exactly you giant tool. You were stronger than our strongest yet you still had to declare lower. Rather than attack me you went lower on the list. I had to declare on you and Remington. Other wise it would be a slaughter. EDIT: Lol just look at you #1. 3 wars, 1 o
  7. My point exactly, no one in OP has much more than 100 million. You assuming that already proves how off base you are. If we spent 100mill we wouldn't be able to rebuild so that's just poor advice. No one here is Flag Running. If we did it would be a poor attempt at best. Once again, no one is trade swapping. I think you underestimate the boost you are provided by doing so. Meanwhile Remington is #1 at 45K NS and 210+Million (I can prove that number btw). And im being accused of flag running by DCS members.
  8. Nice to see nothing has changed. Is anyone in DCS capable of attacking nations closer in their NS range? Not a single one of you attacked a nation with a greater NS.. I am literally the only one and I had to attack the #1 Remington. Yet you guys want to complain about us "Flag Running"? First, Wilee, Didn't you specifically request spy info on a member of yours for potential flag running? Because im pretty sure you did (or a gov member) Second, Every alliance in the game has rules against rouge attacks. What were we suppose to do? Blind side one of the other alliances w
  9. You had an 18k nation attack me when I was 8k? You have just made my list of giant tools.
  10. This was pathetic AL... Now i wont even be able to compete this round....18 days back collected and now im screwed. Very Classy...
  11. Due to RL I have to leave for the rest of the round. I have told my guys to find new alliances, please be welcoming of them and know that regardless of any differences anyone may have with me, my guys are good guys. My nation is also open for "funzies" to any interested parties. Slight retaliation only. Hopefully I can come back next round and join one of the old timer alliances. Was fun everyone!
  12. Was fun over all I suppose. Good fight everyone...hope we didn't disappoint.
  13. To be fair D1 could have attacked DD as well. Pixel pansies. How about MERCS and DD Vs. D1. Seems legit.
  14. MERCS will gladly assist the Wolves and our Friends at OP/
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