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  1. I agree with your assessment, and that without some kind of breakup in Occulus any attempts to start something interesting will fail to be interesting. But I'll still give him credit for having the desire at least.
  2. Good for Frawley actually trying to start something.
  3. Are people really complaining about someone being in peace mode when the war is only a few days old.
  4. For all the criticism they might deserve over this NPO is still a better alliance than most. That's a pretty low bar these days. Pretty much.
  5. Touche. Kind of surprised to see NPO following MK down the "give no f****" path.
  6. There's really nothing to do but tie yourself to whatever faction of Occulus you like best and wait for Occulus to eventually fracture.
  7. Yes. But everything about this is stupid enough that I'm not going to hold back on criticizing it just because they are allies.
  8. Quite funny to see NPO supporting attacking an alliance twice in 6 months after all their hand ringing over the years about people not letting go of grudges against them and attacking them more than once.
  9. Context: Their allies aren't even defending them in the other world.
  10. When ever you thought this world couldn't get any dumber, people start bringing conflicts from other worlds into this one. It's sad to see people/alliances I have some respect for engaging in this garbage.
  11. I wonder how many treaties this is now throughout the long history. At least 3?
  12. I guess this is what passes for an Occulus "war".
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