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  1. The idea that Cuba is some sort of "tyrant" because he has the biggest nation is ridiculous. I don't believe he's even the most active or important leader in DBDC.
  2. Loosing wars means far less than it used to. One reason it that peace terms are far more lenient these days, in 99% ending in white or grey peace, instead of the crippling reps from the past. Another is that most nations have good warchests and a stockpile of indestructible wonders/improvements that means that they don't have to rebuild from scratch.
  3. You were able to launch way more nukes regardless having a stockpile against greater numbers. 15 nukes on them to their 6 on you. Which means that if they did indeed do more damage to you than you to them, they were able to make up 9 extra nukes worth of damage in other types of attacks.
  4. Azaghul


    ODN is easily one of the best alliances in the game. It was a very hard pick between joining ODN or TOP after MK.
  5. This was a frequent problem for MK going back years, but a lot of it depended on who was in charge too. Ardus was way, way better about it than Leet. It's not only external communication but internal communication too. Different members of gov don't always talk to each other and so one member may end up thinking their alliance wasn't informed while it's just that one gov member was informed and didn't tell anyone else. In the rush to get something done, the need to inform or consult allies or other gov members can fall by the wayside. The leaking thing is an issue too. There's a reason w
  6. Azaghul


    I agree with what you said. Mushqaeda is obviously not directed at real life Muslims in general. Al qaeda and/or stereotypes of Muslims? Sure. The vast majority of former/current MK/MQ members, myself included, are not Islamophobic, or intend to mock Muslims. Mushqaeda has never been meant to be taken that seriously in any sense, in character or with the real life reference. It's just something we've had fun with. Also someone was making the argument that time and proximity to events matter. I'd point out that we (at least America) as a culture have always made fun of our enemies. Jus
  7. If your primary source of "knowledge" about how world affairs and diplomacy works is from how it works in CN, you need to stop playing CN. "It's wrong in CN so it's wrong in real life". Unbelievable.
  8. Azaghul

    Stats ITB: 3

    This is cool. You're missing a couple of alliances on our side.
  9. We've got a big gain coming from Timmehhh joining us today.
  10. The game isn't going to die a sudden death, the player base is just going to keep withering away.
  11. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1341279936' post='3002061'] Oh man, you are so right. I correctly recall now that NPO took no damage prior to their top tier coming out of war for a round. Thanks for reminding me oh wise one. [/quote] They took a lot less than they would have had the war gone on for the same period (it wouldn't have but for the sake of argument if it had) without hiding most of their upper tier in peace, they would have looked more like TPF in Karma. And we didn't impose reps on NPO anyway so that example isn't really relevant. Just their allies who also hid most of the
  12. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1341270596' post='3001992'] False logic, the reason NPO/DH lasted so long was because DH didn't like that NPO nations were in PM and required them coming out as a condition for peace. You guys set that condition for peace, ergo, you dragged the war out. I am sure NPO would have accepted peace without bringing them out. [/quote] It's certainly not "dragging out the fight" for someone when they haven't been fighting in the first place.
  13. [quote name='Vol Navy' timestamp='1341255767' post='3001873'] The very short wars was what I'm talking about. 80 or 90 days in a row eating nukes is far more devastating than Athens/MK terms from WoTC. Even if the wonder clock got knocked off a little. Tack on the huge reps at the end of the long long wars they were far more harsh. Especially so given the double rolling format DH uses. [/quote] The only war this really applies to is bipolar. Also worth noting that they didn't get rolled again. In Karma, NPO terms were not MK's doing (and were largely a result of NPO hiding in peace mode)
  14. [quote name='Vol Navy' timestamp='1341211367' post='3001677'] I still laugh that anyone even pretends MK was treated harshly in WoTC. Less than two weeks war and very light terms compared to what they gave out later to alliances they defeated. Even wonder decomming was light by comparison. [/quote] The war wasn't as long or crippling as later fronts, though it was very fierce and we fought all out (most MKers fighting 6 vs. 1) in a time when average warchests were a lot smaller. However I disagree on the terms. The reps were large considering the size of our alliance, and the only allian
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