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  1. Hooray for commies, I guess? This new Planet Bob is so confusing, I feel like Encino Man.
  2. Last time was a few years ago. I still think you should check your TV, if you keep seeing it.
  3. Norway already surrendered to NoR a couple of years ago. Maybe you have a form of anterograde amnesia. Please check if your television isn't secretly connected to a VCR.
  4. As far as I know, NoR's leader is Oro. And Oro likes Japanese chicken yodeling. How he can be racist is beyond me.
  5. Please expect our propaganda street crew anytime soon.
  6. For the old NoR folks scattered around Planet Bob; NoR has a (non-official, semi non-CN related) Discord server. Come hang around with some of the old gang. https://discord.gg/wq4BYdu
  7. Never said he was disloyal. I said he had a distored view on loyalty. His only loyalty lies with the 'brand' of Nordreich, not the alliance itself. Oh, and Thor ofcourse. He doesn't recognize any authority if it's not Thor. You should see our government quarters, if only I could count the number of insults towards our current (and past) government officials, and the Kaiser. He'll maybe court martial me for 'leaking information' or something like that (he's fond of court martialling), but I couldn't care less. The court martials he brought forth against his fellow Nordreich citizens are nothing but a farce. But I doubt he'll have the guts to do so. All his cases so far were against people he knew he could chase away. But I'm here to stay. And one day, I will have his head on my office wall as an ornament.
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