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  1. Dunk'dOnDandy

    Operation Eichmann

    Yeah but its not the name you see on the forum
  2. Dunk'dOnDandy

    Operation Eichmann

    What am i not very good at
  3. Dunk'dOnDandy

    Operation Eichmann

    Breaking news:An informant in Aevrum has informed me of the following Aevrum will announce OPERATION EICHMANN. They have 6 Million Reasons WHY NoR Must be destroyed!!! More details to follow in the coming days....Talk to you later Could this be an offensive to rid Planet Bob of Nordreich lets hope so
  4. Dunk'dOnDandy

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Who’s meth
  5. Dunk'dOnDandy

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Got this from an anonymous person https://m.imgur.com/asOIMNC?r