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  1. Attention denizens of the World, On November 30th, a formal Declaration of War was declared upon the Nordreich by the Royal House of Aevrum. In the ensuing tumult of command, the leadership of the Royal House of Aevrum failed to repeal the Declaration of War, furthering its validity. In response, on December 2nd, the Nordreich formally recognized the offensive campaign launched against it. As such, conflict was openly recognized by both Alliances in a public setting. Regardless of the opinions concerning the legitimacy of the casus foederis of the conflict itself, one cannot possibly argue that the conflict was hidden in any way whatsoever from the World. In fact, for one reason or another; it has been at the forefront of international dialogue since it came to be. Which sets up the casus belli for this particular Nordlandic Announcement. So that there may be no confusion for anyone involved; as much detail as possible shall be henceforth, within this document, be declared. It is a widely agreed upon notion that aiding a nation or Alliance that is at war with another nation or Alliance may be justifiably considered an act of war against the latter party. We within the Nordreich concur with this notion, and seek to peacefully subdue logistics operations that aid our enemies. We do this as diplomatically as possible, and never use offensive military operations as a primary means of suppression. However, if all diplomatic attempts are ignored, we will not shy away from utilizing the Nordreich's Wehrmacht to eradicate such logistics operations. This is a proper tenant of warfare, and is done so justifiably under the rationale that those allowing our enemies to stay in the fight are enemies themselves. On December 3rd, at 9:15:49 AM, Kapsyl I of Kapsylonia, a member of AGW Overlords, sent an Aid Package consisting of $9,000,000 and 4,000 soldiers to Steven Simpson of Grammaton; the latter being a member of the Royal House of Aevrum. This was spotted by both the Reich itself, as well as its Allies. The KronPrinz of the Reich, Latexi, promptly sent a message to the leader of AGW Overlords that stated: A message was sent to Kapsyl I himself, as well. Neither individual replied, though the Aid Shipment in question was Cancelled shortly thereafter. However, almost immediately after the Aid Shipment was cancelled, a Secret Aid Shipment appeared on both AGW Overlords' and the Royal House of Aevrum's Aid Screens. The timing of this was simply impossible to ignore, so further research was done. According to this, the nation of Kapsylonia had a sustained military consisting of 30,514 soldiers at the beginning of the day. However, upon inspection of Kapsylonia's military after the Secret Aid was sent, the number of soldiers had declined precisely 4,000 soldiers; down to 26,514. The absolute only two causes for this are either: Kapsyl I decommissioned 4,000 soldiers out of his ranks. He sent a Foreign Aid Package with 4,000 soldiers in it to someone else. The odds of the first option are impossibly low, leaving the second option to be considered fact. No other Foreign Aid Packages were sent by the nation of Kapsylonia, confirming to the Nordreich that Kapsyl I sent aid in secret to the nation of Grammaton immediately after being informed of the latter's involvement in a war against the Reich. As he was informed of the situation, and chose to ignore our diplomatic bulletin, this makes him complicit in funding an enemy of the Reich and its Allies. This constitutes an Act of War against the Nordreich. As such, the Nordreich formally declares war upon AGW Overlords for their complicit funding of an enemy of the Reich and its Allies. If this incident was merely the unsanctioned act of one individual in particular, then the leadership of AGW should have formally done something to rectify the situation. Allowing this to continue is inaction, and inaction is either complicity or ineptness. Either way, it cannot be tolerated or else it will grow into a larger issue. Failure to properly respond to our diplomacy is what led to this. We are still open to talks with AGW, but the Nordreich will never delay action due to the inaction of others. Signed for the Nordreich, Oro Ibah Aozpi, Reichskaiser Latexi, Kronprinz Kristjan Laidoner, Reichsmarschall Keysariyt Hanssen, Reichskanzlerin Johan Pitka, Stabsoffizier
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