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  1. Kristjan Laidoner

    Declaration of War on The Royal House of Aevrum

    So Mods don't have to look
  2. Kristjan Laidoner

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Chester, you're irrelevant. He said nothing that was "bang on"; he had an immature meltdown and went after people because of their religious affiliations. He's a narcissistic racist at best. Your Discord messages have been spewed all over the place, so don't think for a moment we don't know you belong at the bottom of the barrel with him. Also, nice try; we have no multis. Literally everyone in NoR is fully vetted and known via third party social media and Voice Channels. Sad that that is the best argument you can grasp onto. Try a little harder. PS: Nimitz was a Fleet Admiral, not a Grand Admiral. "Grand Admiral" was Karl Dönitz's rank. So you're using a German High Commander's rank; according to your constituents that makes you a Nazi. Smooth move, Exlax.
  3. Kristjan Laidoner

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Can a Mod close this? It ran its course when the not suspicious author posted it. See what I did there? You will
  4. Kristjan Laidoner

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    Apparently helping someone turn their life around, and then honouring them when they are murdered, is despicable behaviour. TvM dropped his life of hate and rehabilitated himself before he was killed. Know what you are talking about before you spew your filth about those whom have passed. Easy to talk about people behind their backs when they're dead and cannot defend themselves. And you say we are the despicable ones! Also, you do realize "skinhead" referred to a culture that had nothing to do with racism or politics for decades before it was tainted with filth, right? And that anti-extremist & anti-hate skinheads outnumber racist ones hundreds of thousands to one, even today? Hate to break your illusion of the world after all these years, but you're blanket branding a music subculture as something that is the antithesis to what they represent, all because of <1% of their population. A really simple Google search could yield this fact. Also, a majority of our "Propaganda" is based on Norse mythology and/or the German & Danish Empires. So, congratulations; you're not just historically ignorant, you're blinded by your own bloodlust. Of course, based upon your inability to string together coherent sentences, I can't say that I am too surprised by your inherent inability to see logic and reason. You are fundamentally wrong, and your ignorance of our members and their history is overt. Glad you joined Aevrum; you fit in well with them based upon your intelligence alone.
  5. Kristjan Laidoner

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    OOC: Grow up, man. If you would actually talk to any of us, instead of sitting in your own echo chamber, you'd quickly realize that literally none of us are Nazis, "White Nationalists", etc. Even the two Nordlanders you declared on and claimed are "White Supremacists / White Nationalists" are a Bosnian and a Jew. Your argument is so baseless that one cannot even formulate a response beyond "no, we are not" because there is simply zero evidence to support your baseless lies and slander. Many of us are friends outside of the game, and we consist of individuals from literally dozens of different backgrounds. We have multiple Jews living in Israel and elsewhere (that are seeeeriously over people like you that assume Nordlanders are Nazis, and people like Bormann that call them "fake Jews" or "token Jews"), we have multiple Muslims living in the Middle East and South Asia, we have Asians from Singapore and Japan; we're legitimately multi-national, multi-creed, and multi-ethnic. If our members were hate filled White Nationalists (which is a seriously ignorant term to begin with; "white" isn't a nationality), then these aforementioned members would not be around. Nobody in this free game is forcing them to be Nordlanders; they stay because we are all friends, and the Nordreich goes well beyond CN. This baseless warpath you're on is not seated in reality. I guess if you lie to yourself long enough, you'll believe anything. Grab the keys to get out of your echo chamber of lies and find something more productive to do with your life.
  6. Kristjan Laidoner

    Merry Christmas!

    Haha, ok. OOC: Guys I'm done responding to posts like these. I'd rather watch paint dry in Florida. Have fun.
  7. Kristjan Laidoner


    Join the Nordreich! We do incompetent Alliance heads the favour of keeping them up-to-date on their own Alliance's warchests!
  8. Kristjan Laidoner

    Merry Christmas!

    Resolve it how I wanted? If you're going to bring me into this, we may as well talk about how I told you to drop Kindle & Yolo, literally an hour after the DoW was posted, if you wanted to see a de-escalation of hostilities. Regardless of what anyone else could have possibly told you, regarding de-escalation, failing to remove them constituted immediate sanctioning of their actions on your behalf, which led the war to where it is now. But, none of this apparently matters, anyway; you crafted a no-surrender clause for your alliance. As I told you in private, there will absolutely be a full formal surrender on behalf of Aevrum, as an Alliance, to end this war prematurely. The Nordreich will positively not accept anything else. I have said that since the beginning, and will absolutely not waiver. Call anyone and everyone a liar, if you must; but know that if ever there were truer words, they are as follows: The Nordreich will accept no less than Aevrum's surrender or death. Just as a side note, because I don't immensely feel like going down the rabbit hole of intangible arguments: The Nordreich's "brand" has, if anything, been immensely improved due to this conflict. I have told you this in private, and I will repeat it in public: Meth, you've really put yourself in a position of global repugnance. You improve the Foreign Relations of Alliances just by going to war with them. There comes a time when you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "is it worth it?" That time was years ago, and the answer is a very hard no. The bluster has worn off, and folks are pretty privy to your M.O. Tell you what, though; I WILL make a deal with you right now. Order Rheinlander out of PM and I'll order three Nordlanders in your range out of PM. I want to see which of the 4 can rebuild their losses more quickly.
  9. Kristjan Laidoner

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    This is useless. The kid is psychotically delusional. His nation isn't worth the brain energy to think about. Perma ZTI for him and anyone that sticks close to him.
  10. Kristjan Laidoner

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    He told Jewish Nordlanders they belong in an oven; please go on about how that is vague. More complicity; you are truly a piece of &#33;@#&#036;.
  11. Kristjan Laidoner

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the irony in your post is....incredible. Keep diggin' the hole, kid.
  12. Kristjan Laidoner

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    Are you that delusional? You removed a legal and warranted sanction without asking ONE SINGLE OTHER SENATOR, and are blaming us for the Sanction War? At this point, it's not even slander to call you delusional and incompetent; it's flat-out factual. Enjoy your destruction; you earned it. This prancing around of your ego is hilarious.
  13. Kristjan Laidoner

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    Congratulations, your reading comprehension skills are as pitiful as your Leadership competency. Go back and reread my first post and look for the bit where I posted links. You COMPLETELY ignored what I had to say when I gave you a way out. You're playing the victim and fooling nobody. Literally not fooling anybody here over the age of 15. Seriously.
  14. Kristjan Laidoner

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    Calling you out on being a pathological liar. That is BS, and I provided PROOF in my first post that what you just said is a lie. Cut the bs; you're not fooling a soul.