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  1. Keysariyt Hanssen

    A Farewell to Arms

    Non Grata, it's been one heck of a ride. I never thought I would see the day when you post something like this before us, and I never thought I would see the day that we would exist without you, yet here we are. You have been the best ally and the greatest of friends that we could ever have asked for. There's not much more I can say, for myself and on behalf of the Reich, than we've had some fun times, and we'll miss you. To Valhalla, the non-fail variant, until we join you there. Make sure Nettles knows he still owes me child support. It goes without saying that, beyond the scope of Caustic's revenge and antics, the Non Grata alliance affiliation is indefinitely protected by the Nordreich. Not that it matters in this day and age. o/ NG o/ Caustic o/ All the other gays aboard the roller
  2. Keysariyt Hanssen

    While you guys war.....

    Maybe leave your disbanded alliance and join one worth being a part of. Sure sounds like it.
  3. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Declaration of War

    GATO being a part of a declaration of war. This world moves in truly mysterious ways. Have fun.
  4. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    Not sure what "sidebar hierarchy" you think exists. The only people with power are the Admins, half of whom (when Mogar still owned the place) were not allies of him, and all of whom are subject to scrutiny. You were a Guest at one point, which put you "above everyone else" in the list - it literally just lets you talk on the radio. It was always about fun. Karaoke was the very first thing that ever happened in CN Radio. Karaoke was actually why it was made - we held it elsewhere and decided to expand it. Substantial discussion happens, but funnily enough, it tends not to include people like you. You contributed nothing but headaches, and people seem happy that you are gone - even the people that are legitimately against the things you pretend to be against. Every time you post here ranting about us, and talk smack about us in your server, people that aren't complete !@#$birds lose what insignificant amounts of respect for you they had left and they start seeing through your façade. You aren't campaigning for free speech, discussion with substance, liberation from tyrannical overlords that subject you to unfair laws. You are sitting in a corner, kicking and screaming at anyone and everyone that passes by because your own behaviour resulted in your banishment from a server. You are the conspiracy theorist on a backwater station that all rational people consider insane, we are the respectable nationwide non-profit station. Grow up already.
  5. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    It’s funny how things apparently die when you leave, despite the fact that they don’t.
  6. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    Or, more realistically: all of the problems with CN Radio are in your head. Nobody else is complaining. You acted like a petulant child, you were treated as one, and now you are simply doing so elsewhere.
  7. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    I feel like you're not recognising the part where you literally threatened to hit him with a hammer, and he's just responding to that threat.
  8. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    Tywin is the philosopher king, that definitely can't be what's happening
  9. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    I don't see a rule against defecation porn.
  10. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    Tagging everyone is politically incorrect and will not be tolerated in the politically correct echo chamber that is the Boiler Room Discord server.
  11. Keysariyt Hanssen

    A Nordreich Announcement

    The past few years have been trying for the great Nordreich, as they have been for all of Planet Bob. The fire that once burned within us all has now subsided for many, if not extinguished completely. Nevertheless, it is our duty to continue on, to carry the banners and bear the burdens that we do. In accordance with our own need to continue, to fight, under a leadership both willing and capable of navigating these dark times, our Kaiser and Kronprinz, Oro Ibah Aozpi and Latexi, have declared that they shall be succeeded in their positions. Presenting the new Monarchy of Nordreich: Kaiserin von Nordreich, Keysariyt Hanssen Kronprinz von Nordreich, Johan Pitka o/ Nordland o/ Nordreich
  12. Keysariyt Hanssen

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Based on the !@#$show this thread has already begun descending into, that probably would've been a better call.