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  1. Was this ever untrue? Congratulations, NG. o/
  2. Either you have completely misunderstood what I wrote or you have quoted the wrong person. I was pointing out the ineffectiveness of a putatively effective measure of tracking individuals through their reincarnations. I made no remark in favour of or against EZI, about personalities, relationships, or anything else that you have mentioned, nor do I care to, because they are completely irrelevant to the specific segment of the post that I quoted.
  3. That wouldn't be effective. Dynamic IPs are commom, VPNs are cheap, and it's easy to get your hands on someone else's Wi-Fi. It would be no trouble at all for someone to return under a new identity without you being able to connect their IPs together. Carry on.
  4. Would it not be antithetical to the ideology of the great producerist crusader to take up the banner of a bourgeoisie enterprise that dedicates its spare time to crushing the means of production of the downtrodden micro alliances?
  5. I wouldn't expect an individual such as yourself to understand a concept as complex and nuanced as character. I wouldn't bother thinking about it; you might strain something.
  6. I would resist accusing specific individuals of disloyalty when you are blatantly unaware of the depth of the character that you are attempting to assassinate so publicly. The war against you is being fought over loyalty to a brotherhood, the symbolism that represents it, and your alliance's intentional disrespect of that. Attacking individuals for that loyalty is hardly going to improve your situation.
  7. Where did they not post it? You should read the threads that you comment in.
  8. That flag was your wartime ensign, not your alliance flag. The least you can do is get your technicality correct if you are going to be a pedant.
  9. 3,006. What a time to be alive.
  10. Funnily enough, people weren't boring and miserable in the first few years of those statistics. It's a result, not a cause.
  11. Being boring and miserable is quite nice, though. In the world that is Planet Bob, it seems to be quite effective. I haven't seen a reason to abandon it.
  12. Spotted hyenas have a highly vulnerable pack mentality that prevents them from truly taking over anything that isn't a medium-sized ungulate. Their inability to function without being a completely co-dependent group leaves them open to being easily separated and killed off. Which is how every single predator deals with them. Striped hyenas are just useless scavengers that nobody pays attention to.
  13. Thank you, irrelevant micro. Sincerely, irrelevant macro.
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