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  1. It's his turn and everyone keeps hogging it.
  2. Auctor

    Why We Fight

    when later historians shift through successive layers of the internet, they will not agree whether this event occurred in the sixth layer of one of the later phases of the seventh layer. They definitely will not believe the accounts handed down by the epic poets about this to be literally true and their assumption will be along the lines of this must have been triggered by the world moving from dorito based societies to a more advanced form of the cheese puff. EDIT: or possibly climate change.
  3. Inject everyone that plays with a hormonal cocktail that simulates 2006-2007 levels in their bodies.
  4. Auctor

    Aliens get out!

    I basically agree. it's unfortunate that people are using other worlds to get payback for goings on here.
  5. the·o·ry ˈTHēərē/ noun noun: theory; plural noun: theories a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. It's being used in exactly the way the word means.
  6. It's worth noting that the biblical prohibitions against incest only occur after the Exodus.
  7. It's not as if other theories of the development of humans don't include some amount of inbreeding.
  8. Just making sure. These forums contain a lot of people that don't really understand how the human reproductive system works.
  9. Are you aware that two dudes having sex cannot actually reproduce? honest question.
  10. Glad to see this, it's long overdue.
  11. I don't think it's the price of infra at this point. I think it has more to do with how much harder it is relatively for a midtier to stock up war chest than it is for an upper tier or a lower tier. It takes 8k infra nations a solid 9 months to restock a war chest to adequate levels, whereas nations in the 5k infra or 14k infra areas are able to build an adequate war chest in about 4-6 months. That's a nation building problem we can all solve by building differently, but most of us as players and many of us as alliances have gotten stuck in a mentality about "buying too much infra" that doesn't actually make sense at the bottom line. In some ways that's a good thing - mid tier exhaustion is a limiting factor that ends wars, but if alliances pushed for 14k infra for all their nations that had most of their econ wonders after every war, war would become more affordable. Whether that would increase the frequency of wars? I couldn't tell you. I would imagine not, wars require a lot of activity in the upper echelons of alliance governments that I'm not sure care enough to do more than 1 war per year.
  12. I kinda get the intent of the post, but emphasizing that yall have a coherent sphere that can be rolled all the time kind of increases the likelyhood that it will be.
  13. Limited wars almost never happen around here because of the once a year global war cycle; alliances know that if they engage in a small scale war, they'll critically weaken themselves when it comes time to fight in the global war. This fuels the build up mentality; everyone is keeping their powder dry for that one giant global war that will end it all one day. This is why some global wars aren't even fought out completely.
  14. Granted, the reason things got compartmentalized was you started leaking things. It wasn't fun for any of us either.
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