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  1. I remeber you, we were in TPF at the same time.
  2. This make me remeber the Good Ol' Days...
  3. I came here just to say that I'm amazed that something reached 18 pages nowadays.
  4. You misunderstood me, I also do not care anymore, but I think it's a mistake to confuse the current state of cyberverse politics with evolution. It would be better defined as lethargy, stupor or coma. Sometimes I wish someone turn off the machines and let it die.
  5. When people cared about what happened here, this type of surrender term would cause a huge amount of discussion, now it's just another pointless thing.
  6. I do not recognize alliances whose name start with "New" and ends with "Order" that weren't created by Ivan Moldavi.
  7. Propaganda you say? This one is new, just have ~8 years:
  8. Why would you care about the choices we've made? As I said, if we are not worried, neither should be you. Happily for both of us you aren't a member of GPA. We appreciate the concern of both of you about our internal affairs and we would gladly consider your opinions about it as soon as you join our alliance, please proceed to http://cn-gpa.com/forums/index.php to submit your application. Thanks.
  9. You sir, or lady, are truly a nice person. I hate to say that but seems you really deserve the fate that knocks your doorstep.
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