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  1. Kiriguya

    New Lord Order

    Hahaha thank you for correcting it I would have myself but I was having too much fun looking through the replies. Thanks again for the laugh.
  2. Kiriguya

    New Lord Order

    I am glad to share that the ties between Lordran and NPO hold strong on all games and across all worlds to come. This treaty recognizes that bond and continues it. New Lord Order Article 1 Both alliances shall henceforth be joined in mutual respect for each other and will engage in public discourse only in such a way that reflects this respect. Article 2 Should an attack occur against Lordran, NPO will assist through diplomatic, economic, and if necessary, military measures. Article 3 While respecting each other's sovereignty, Lordran agrees to consult NPO prior to the ratification of any treaty, declaration of war, or activity which may impact NPO in pursuance to this agreement. Article 4 Both alliances agree to share intelligence which may impact either signatory in pursuance to this agreement. Article 5 In the case that either alliance wishes to terminate this agreement, they must provide the other with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. Signed for NPO Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Prophet of Orion Shadow of the Order Jesse End, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order Signed for Lordran Gorge, Lord of Cinder Kiriguya, Dragonslayer of Internal affairs Wartornplace, Dragonslayer of Milcom