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  1. FurqanTheReformist

    An Apology to NPO and Vow for Action

    Thank you for your cooperation, Luke. 👍
  2. FurqanTheReformist

    NADC-Oculus peace

    o/ NPO! It's nice that things can now go back to normal a bit (although it's debatable if peace is the norm in Planet Bob). In any case, goob job to both parties on negotiating peace on such terms. Geneva Conventions would be so proud.
  3. FurqanTheReformist

    New Lord Order

    We make the most noise when we dance together.
  4. FurqanTheReformist

    Non Grata Declaration of War

    I'm always amazed at the unbelievably high zest with which some people talk and talk and talk without realizing nobody actually cares. Anyway. The best of luck to all our brothers and sisters and non-binary gendered siblings in NG.   o/ NSO o/ Empress Kirsten o/ NSO Darth Council o/ NSO Inquisition
  5. Fight the good fight brothers and sisters o/   Love ya
  6. FurqanTheReformist

    A Nordreich Declaration Concerning Recent Events

    Give 'em hell or something like that.
  7. FurqanTheReformist

    ""How soft your fields so green"

    Good job, whoever has made that pic.   And o/ NPO
  8. FurqanTheReformist

    Let's play a game.

    ^My fav post so far
  9. FurqanTheReformist

    Let's play a game.

    It's always fun to watch Kaskus try and.. fail.
  10. FurqanTheReformist

    Declaration of Existence

  11. FurqanTheReformist

    NG Announcement

    NCC is running something? Meh..
  12. FurqanTheReformist

    Order 66

    Fitting for brothers and sisters.   <3 NSO-NPO
  13. FurqanTheReformist

    Never bring an Umbrella to a gun fight

    o/ Ai. Give 'em hell!