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  1. Congrats MI6, you have a good ally in these guys. o/ NSO
  2. This breaks my heart somewhat, I will always have love for my Sith brothers. o/ NSO
  3. As much fun as this was, I am quite disappointed to see my side stoop to demanding the whole rear-licking apology nonsense. It seems almost hypocritical after the basis of the war boils downs to MI6 being a bit cheeky. This should not become the norm for Oculus.
  4. I struggle to foresee any circumstances in which NG would tolerate NSO being rolled, unless you really did something stupid... which I presume you guys won't do. If legitimately have concerns then please hit me up about these.
  5. This is not a DoW but we have to use the flag at least once so you know Hello I recently discovered my bro sis cis tumblr follower "AntiFa" is somewhat of the left-wing persuasion which was really hard to deal with. I mean, you hear about these socialists and their deviant lifestyles but you never expect to be directly affected by it yourself. Anyhoo long story short after having a wonderful almost year it turns out there are other things to do here other than respond with ooer and semi-threatening British phrases with almost as many numbers as letters! One of those things is to join a communist party, another one is to stop clicking cookies, and another one is to make this post to tell the world that the Women's Action Group is going on tour (read: disbanding). @ all men : this is not over May your lives all be full of many u w0t m8s, ooers and omgs
  6. Try building me an embassy then, it's been even longer than it takes spearo to accept my aid offers
  7. I love you more no homo When are you joining WAG btw?
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