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  1. So can you confirm if Auctor is a Cuba multi, or if Cuba is an Auctor multi? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. I beg to differ my old mucker, I found day 1 and no infra to be a perfect time to buy
  3. Wake up Pansy! I havent seen you in months :P

  4. Reavers are too lazy to run our own nations, let alone another. That said, it won't be long until someone tries it, it's a gift wrapped CB
  5. The lack of Aces High by Iron Maiden saddens me.
  6. Sardonic, the world needs GOONS to do what is right. I think you know what I mean.
  7. I tried to squash that bug on my screen. Good show.

  8. I hit my laptop cause of your picture :P

  9. What on earth is your sig about?

  10. The Pansy

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    Senate Reset tomorrow should be fun, seeing which of these will take the 2nd seat
  11. The Pansy

    Betting time

    I am backing Invicta and have taken 3 bets so far Nobody Expects = 50 Tech Wickedj = 50 Tech arexes = 2 offensive GA's with no return. Whilst I am not taking anymore bets, I do encourage everyone to get behind Invicta, and support them in this cause (basically, I want to attack arexes for more offensive casualties) Invicta, please don't betray The Pansy
  12. Like it is going to get to you Sippy, people will fall on swords, you'll be safe.
  13. The Pansy

    So yeah. Insomnia sucks.

    Been one since I was 9 years old, finally got some decent medication for it when I spent a year of sleeping 3-4 hours every 3 days.
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