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  1. I am asking for a bit more imagination, than an insult that is no worse than I have said to most of my allies over the years on bob. Pretty sure I've said worse to you Haf, I'll be waiting for your update attention ❤️ Is a little bit of plotting and scheming too much to ask?
  2. Pretty sure half of CN now has a legitimate CB on any alliance I'm in. #RollBundy2018 There is a ban function for a reason on these chat programs. We've been here a hundred times before, it's likely the most used reason on Bob for war. People do need thicker skins though
  3. If you can send me said material, I'd like to review it too. I honestly haven't seen it, but someone said shoot things, so i'm down.
  4. It's ok, I'm the glue that's holding this together...... OK we're boned.
  5. Can't fault your deductions, I wouldn't trust any alliance with Eric the Red in it
  6. So one aid bomb and they are rebuilt out of your range, and back to tech dealing. Sadly you need to keep hitting the 5k infra nations to start really annoying them, even then, a few man army is but a fly to pacifica. You'd be better off investing your energy in getting people to aid your cause, rather than putting them off with your Junkaness
  7. Lines being erased/drawn* delete as appropriate
  8. I would suggest holding on for the Thong washing, it's most satisfying.
  9. Sengoku still hold the power, all Oculus descisons are still ran past Auctor and Myself who rattify it "the will of hartfw" As for the lovely person who loves the sound of his own voice, but is generally wrong. It did sengoku perfectly fine thank you very much. We just knew when to bow out as an alliance rather than continue until we were a sad shell of what we once were. We had other things to priotise, we chose to make our nearest and dearest stronger with those that had the time for Bob, whilst those like myself headed off into the mists of inactivity mode. Now I just show up to complete the odd tech deal and have @Auctor remind me how terrible the SoA bloc was
  10. Not sure what's going on here, but Atari Jaguar!
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