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  1. Anyone figure out May yet?
  2. Peaceful alliance seeking tyrant-extraordinaire to corrupt us.
  3. We're all out of cookies. Please, please bring us some along with your nation.
  4. I don't like the greens that come up in some parts [such as 'View New Content'], but I do love the dark theme finally. Always prefer the dark themes on any forum I visit. Thanks Admin team. o/
  5. Haha - that they are. But on occasion my mobile keyboard is not.
  6. And the Sith embark on another Rebel Virginia adventure :psyduck: Good see this finally a thing, we look forward to working with The Bear Cavalry.
  7. I sincerely hope this was meant to be as sarcastic as TBM's was meant to be
  8. Definitely one of the more entertaining blogs written in recent times. Looking forward to the third installment lol
  9. If we're sober enough to see what you're trying to hand us :P
  10. Rayvon


    This software doesn't run it 100% .. It utilizes idle time, yes, but it doesn't utilize all the available resources .. For someone who keeps their computer running all the time anyways, they won't notice much .. If you don't usually leave your comp on, this will certainly make a noticeable change in your bills .. This software uses significantly less resource during idle time than the SETI software too .. I joined ya on there max ..
  11. If anyone outside Pacifica cared enough about Francosim, they'd talk to someone who can tell the difference between their ass and their face ... Like Cortath .. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/123308-the-return-of-the-userites/?p=3293300 Not some has-never-been wannabe throwing around words he doesn't understand about something that doesn't even exist as if it's some gospel steeple of society ...
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