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  1. You mean ...... Our nations are growing? I thought we were fighting to the bottom. I thought we were doing so well in our endeavour to deplete ourselves. 'Going well' would imply an agenda beyond just fighting to destroy pixels - we're having fun on our way. So yes, 'going well' ..
  2. I just meant that what you said to Mogar was essentially what he said .. This world has always been stuck in the rinse-repeat cycle .. Although each time there's a little less on the outside .. This time, Occulus got everything that wasn't a micro or the very very few of us not wanting to be aligned (everyone wants a place at the big table, whether they earn their way their or there's a hand up their ass under the table) .. The only hope for 'something to happen' - as Mogar said, and as NLC alludes to above - is a fracture within the power structure. Those events you mention where they were allied to the tops and still burned to ash, it was fractures in the power structures that caused the downfall because there wasn't enough on the outside alone to do it .. Occulus won't fall from outside influence, it will only fall from the inside. Whether it be dramatic or not dramatic, it will be an inside power.
  3. TPF wasn't the only one to walk that same road ... The variance between our two paths being that we actually signed with them after being dropped instead of before (although the reason we were dropped was because we signed them .... Time paradox) ...
  4. And just exactly how low are you fighting? Are you even reaching high enough to bite the ankles of your enemy? Land Purchased * 1.5 + Tanks Deployed * .15 + Tanks Defending * .20 + Cruise Missiles * 10 + ((Nuclear Purchased^2)*10) + Technology Purchased * 5 + Infrastructure Purchased * 3 + Actual Military * .02 + Aircraft Rating Totals * 5 + Navy Rating Totals * 10 I've fought 76 wars with 339,444 dealt and 225,104 received. That's approximately 4466NS dealt and 2962NS received per war.
  5. So again, you're taking full credit for brown stability. You alone defeated the egotistical Methrage in an ego vs ego verbal diarrhea cage match that we all bore witness to. The existing members of LPCN prior to your supreme takeover had zero affect towards it. I'm sure they feel differently on the topic.
  6. So now you're also taking full credit for Brown stability. I see.
  7. Could dig up one of your victim posts and just change the names. Will work just the same.
  8. The fact you think it's a 'win or lose' situation shows your disconnect from reality and just how much of a loser you are. But I mean, if you want so hard to try to be an Order so as to consistently compare yourself to them - then have fun dreaming.
  9. It would have been a painfully odd pleasure to fight alongside you guys against NPO. We chose the fire escape instead of the main floor exit though. o/ to another year of debt collection
  10. Look at you all cool and edgy pretending like you didn't defend him with one long run on sentence week after week.
  11. I didn't say you struck, I said you've threatened. You declared you've never threatened, you didn't declare you never struck. Stick to one point. The peanut gallery doesn't require me to go back and find examples, we've all watched it play out like a Saturday morning cartoon for the past few years with you two.
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