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  1. [quote name='lebubu' date='08 February 2010 - 02:48 PM' timestamp='1265640498' post='2168717'] NpO is actually the most discussed topic on our boards, so I'd say our members [i]do[/i] care. The first part of your post is spot on, though. [/quote] Well, it is only my personal impression after all, and I don't have the full picture. Nonetheless you'll forgive me for saying that words alone are not going to be nearly enough to convince me otherwise. Of course, I realise that my opinion on this matter is rather inconsequential.
  2. [quote name='HellAngel' date='07 February 2010 - 04:45 PM' timestamp='1265561116' post='2166922'] Good, then its not working, I dont hate polar either. I probably dont like Grub now because he is spinning on his feet throwing wtf-cakes at everyone, but i guess the general membership knew as much about this as TOP. [/quote] Yeah, I know I don't pay a lot of attention to alliance politics during these times (OOC: summer holiday), but this DoW was a complete surprise. I don't think the general membership expected to see this.
  3. To be fair MK can't exactly prove that they care about Polaris. Anything they do can and will explained by critics as attempts to further MK's own interests that incidentally may help NpO out a bit. That said I would be surprised if MK, especially the general membership, really do care about Polaris.
  4. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' date='07 February 2010 - 06:22 AM' timestamp='1265523745' post='2166373'] I believe it refers to no reparations. [/quote] I know what it meant. It's still contradictory mention imposing surrender terms with the phrase white peace. That goes against the entire concept of white peace.
  5. [quote]the Mostly Harmless Alliance have decided to impose the following surrender terms: 1. MHA and GO will grant TUFs request for white peace.[/quote] That sounds very contradictory.
  6. This is truely a sad day. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' date='03 February 2010 - 05:55 AM' timestamp='1265176537' post='2155536'] Polaris and MK still hold a treaty. While it may be overlooked during this war, don't discount it [/quote] So you keep saying.
  7. Maybe you can. But it's precisely why Polar can't and won't. What, in practical terms, (does compromising by going back on our word in my view, but I accept that you'll think it's little details not worth staying true to) prolonging the war for a 'short period' accomplish? I agree that we should have made sure everyone on our side know first before the announcement was posted. But beyond that, how exactly does it help anyone? TOP and IRON would still be at war with CnG whether Polar is at peace with PC and \m/ or not. Peace on the other fronts of the war still need to be resolved by the alliances actually on those fronts. The only way this would have mattered would be if TOP and IRON was planning to post their declaration after \m/ communicated its desire to end this war. In that case a notification that the war have ended at the core could/might halt their entry. But since the two events occurred at roughly the same time, whether the peace declaration was posted 45 minutes later or 2 days later doesn't change the fact that TOP/IRON are now at war, while \m/ have accepted to end the war with Polar. Not unless, again, Polaris was to go back on her word. In short you're arguing about something that have absolutely zero bearing on the actual outcomes of Polar and \m/ reaching peace.
  8. If you made an offer to someone and they accept it, you don't get to choose to accept or reject their acceptance - you're obliged to fulfil your end of the offer immediately. By making the initial offer, and leaving it on the table for \m/ to take, Polaris pledged to end the war as soon as \m/ accepted her terms. It was not an invitation for \m/ to come negotiate a peace settlement, it was an unilateral offer of peace if \m/ were to agree to Grub's conditions. The timing of the peace was therefore entirely \m/'s choice of whether and when to accept the offer. To claim that Grub accepted is to falsely imply that Grub had a choice where none existed as long as Grub was to remain true to his words. It's an important distinction that gets glossed over when people want to twist the situation to suit their propaganda needs.
  9. What details? Peace was offered and accepted, there was no more details to work out. Besides TOP and IRON have already declared on CnG by then, I fail to see how calling it a ceasefire changes anything as far as their present situation is concerned.
  10. The problem with this theory is that it wasn't Grub who accepted peace, but rather \m/ that accepted Polar's terms. What do you want Grub to do, go back on his word while leading a moral crusade? NpO: Say this and you'll have peace. \m/: OK 'this'. NpO: No wait let us kill you some more! That'd go down well.
  11. This just shows once again that STA is the best ally anyone could wish for.
  12. Was meant at the anti-tech raid crusading part. As for TOP and IRON, I really don't know what's going on, so =/ But I hope it's white peace all round.
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