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  1. Teriethien

    Imperial Decree - New Polar

    [quote name='HellAngel' date='07 February 2010 - 04:45 PM' timestamp='1265561116' post='2166922'] Good, then its not working, I dont hate polar either. I probably dont like Grub now because he is spinning on his feet throwing wtf-cakes at everyone, but i guess the general membership knew as much about this as TOP. [/quote] Yeah, I know I don't pay a lot of attention to alliance politics during these times (OOC: summer holiday), but this DoW was a complete surprise. I don't think the general membership expected to see this.
  2. Teriethien

    A joint announcement between MHA and GO

    [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' date='07 February 2010 - 06:22 AM' timestamp='1265523745' post='2166373'] I believe it refers to no reparations. [/quote] I know what it meant. It's still contradictory mention imposing surrender terms with the phrase white peace. That goes against the entire concept of white peace.
  3. Teriethien

    A joint announcement between MHA and GO

    [quote]the Mostly Harmless Alliance have decided to impose the following surrender terms: 1. MHA and GO will grant TUFs request for white peace.[/quote] That sounds very contradictory.
  4. Teriethien

    Imperial Decree - New Polar

    What the hell's going on.
  5. Teriethien

    A Statement from the STA

    This is truely a sad day. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' date='03 February 2010 - 05:55 AM' timestamp='1265176537' post='2155536'] Polaris and MK still hold a treaty. While it may be overlooked during this war, don't discount it [/quote] So you keep saying.
  6. Teriethien

    An Echelon Announcement

    A great move.
  7. Teriethien

    STA Official Statement

    This just shows once again that STA is the best ally anyone could wish for.
  8. Teriethien

    Imperial Decree from the Sith

    o/ NSO With we are there with you.
  9. Teriethien

    Nusantara Declaration

    Was meant at the anti-tech raid crusading part. As for TOP and IRON, I really don't know what's going on, so =/ But I hope it's white peace all round.
  10. Teriethien

    Nusantara Declaration

    Polar achieved our war aims... Kinda hard to spin that into a 'miserable failure'.
  11. I've been wondering about the same thing too... Very interesting.
  12. I don't know what to say. Congrats for peace \m/ & PC I guess.
  13. Johan's blessings be with you tonight, Paradoxia. How times have changed The irony.
  14. Teriethien

    Imperial Decree - New Polar

    Isn't that pretty much what Grub said, only more elegantly?