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  1. The Boiler Room is the only active part of the forums anymore. Given the quality of the content, that does not bode well for CN.
  2. But the Adam and Eve theory of human development is alleged to be divinely sanctioned. The important differences is that other theories accept that incest occurs but do not recommend it or refer to it as divinely sanctioned. To use that as the moral paradigm, as Captain Vietnam has done, is fundamentally flawed by all contemporary moral standards.
  3. You do realise implicitly in the Adam and Eve theory is that they and/or their children were incestuous in order to continue procreation.
  4. Ch33kY

    A Decade of Cyber Nations

    Cyber Nations could be a much better game with better game mechanics, but you got the essential part right: attracting people to join and fostering the circumstances in which they would form alliances and battle it out for power. Did you always have the name Cyber Nations? Would you be willing to disclose how much money has been donated?
  5. Ch33kY

    Merry Christmas

    Either this is very early, or it is extremely late for 2014.
  6. The blue text cuts through, making your words of wisdom stand out like a rose among thorns.
  7. Ch33kY

    Sheep inc

    Sheep Inc. is pulling the wool over our eyes.
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