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  1. its pretty amusing to see few of you folks upset with this treaty, especially when you dont like us and you're not an ally of GOD and/or kaskus. one thing for sure, even we tied our self to GOD, i can assure you, that wont make us any religious, so don't worry
  2. Really enjoyed my war againts those ladies in goons and some of their visitor, too bad PB ruined the Party
  3. crap, i think i am gonna break my own orders now that impero has dow'd me
  4. [quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1333589673' post='2948466'] Then that's great, you helped an ally out in their darkest hour and I respect that a lot. However, you can't go off and say that you were entering based on a legality, because the legality ends when they don't ask you to enter. [/quote] its like when you're in school and saw one of your good friend being bullied and tortured by some jerks, then you came and ask your friend is he OK ? then your friend said, yeah i'm OK, while his nose bleeding.. and then you walk away ??! man, you're really are a good friend EDI
  5. [quote name='Captain Spock' timestamp='1332430841' post='2941627'] I don't get it. Maybe it was because i was too lazy to read that !@#$. [/quote] or maybe you can get someone brighter than you to help you reading and understand that !@#$. once again, Good Post TAN o7
  6. glad to know the situation has resolved diplomatically.. cooler head prevail, congrats to both sides :beer:
  7. this talk about reps and punishment scared me
  8. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1330701370' post='2931952'] Though maybe you should tell the one GOON nation in peace mode who actually CAN fight him to actually fight him? -omfg [/quote] psshhhh..his 200M cash wont last long if he's in war mode
  9. you guys really like to type so much dont you.. and please dont talk about huge reps or anything, i dont care it anyway, afterall who said we're going to lose? its only the 1st day of war, and i am not known for my short term war Goodluck GOONS, @Zoom3x : sell your land buddy
  10. [quote name='Timberland' timestamp='1330609710' post='2931210'] And I spied away 6 million dollars, what you gonna do about it ? Come declare on me PLEASE [/quote] wow, you're cool i wanna be like you...
  11. [center][url=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/847/unlediji.png/][img]http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/6962/unlediji.png[/img][/url][/center] Dear Citizen, Its been a while now, but something just never change.. WAR is DELICIOUS.. Few days ago we notice that GOONS was doing what they always doing, kicking on the small guys, that`s normal... and as a normal treaty partners to a normal alliance, we believe that it is normal to treat such treaty like any other normal treaty. therefore, In pursuance of the defense provision of the recently signed Kaskus Mongols MDoAP treaty, we here
  12. ohh good, i am in government line up again, hope we can bring excitement to Planet Bob and cut off all the !@#$%^&*s
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