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  1. You have friends on both sides... You're supposed to chicken out like doompussy...
  2. heheh...we got that reaction from all alliance we fought on the 1st day of war.. but, after 3 months of war, they wish they should have not fight us..
  3. their warchest could feed entire cybernations, no one will starv..
  4. Honour, Opportunistic, foolish, i dont give a shit about all of that as long as i get to burn and nuke someone. :ehm:
  5. dont worry, i am still here just tired of Political nonsenses :P
  6. NEW hasnt been in a war for a couple of years now, this will be a very long war for INT burn them to the ground my brothers..
  7. hehehe, told you this would happen NEW on the good side, you can always jump into a war anytime you want
  8. [quote name='blackorchid' timestamp='1356444011' post='3067846'] Hey Sigelopisan do we have any Ryans left on stock? [/quote] for you i can be Ryan, hell i can be anyone you want baby
  9. damn you [b]kraskus[/b], why cant you wait for me to get online before declaring wars....
  10. its pretty amusing to see few of you folks upset with this treaty, especially when you dont like us and you're not an ally of GOD and/or kaskus. one thing for sure, even we tied our self to GOD, i can assure you, that wont make us any religious, so don't worry
  11. Really enjoyed my war againts those ladies in goons and some of their visitor, too bad PB ruined the Party
  12. crap, i think i am gonna break my own orders now that impero has dow'd me
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