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  1. >OsRavan himself led the Network in each of these wars and always unfalteringly waved the banner of his bloodthirsty allies. alright but he just said he wasn't and you called him a liar while admitting he was right be careful not to become the target of your own ridicule
  2. playing as a character, holding grudges, and in general having a personality away from the norms of the game is a political liability. on the individual and alliance level. the only fun that ever comes anymore is people making "mistakes" - which they will be sure to remedy after the beating they inevitably get for daring to have fun in a game. just like in real life, the most successful are those who are or who mimic the strategy of corporate sociopaths - seek power, mimic a "reasonable" humanity out of self-interest. what did you guys expect people to do, purposefully make decisions that they think are bad OOC, and play a game with a purpose other than to win? the vast majority of you don't think that socialism can "work" IRL because of "human nature" (see: selfishness), but you expect thousands of people who don't know each other to cooperate and play completely fairly for this game wherein nothing even matters? when we won't even do it when billions of actual lives are on the line? when a lot of people actually have invested hundreds or thousands of dollars on putting an edge on their pixel power? i enjoy getting my ass kicked in this game because it's a lot more fun, to me, than logging into have a bunch of idiots tell me what to do in a game that we're supposed to play in order to have some fun and let off steam. i reject the political game and gladly take my lumps, and i think the only thing worse than being one of those min-maxing !@#$%^& who turns this game into their life is refusing to be like that and then !@#$@#$ whining that you don't get to win when you refuse to play the most effective way. CN could only have ever turned out this way and there's nobody to blame for it at all. the only thing you can do is accept it, move on, and enjoy what's left in whatever way you want to while it lasts.
  3. some people think the point of a game is to have fun and not try so hard. other people think the point of a game is to win. over time, the people who treated the game like a job, the people who donated a lot, and the people who are in neutral alliances (were smart enough not to fight when it isn't advantageous) rose to the top. and the rest of us are permanently cut off. just like real life: the people who treat people with respect and don't take things too seriously stay at the bottom, whereas the cut-throat !@#$%^& tend to rise to the top, even though after a while, the top becomes inaccessible no matter how good you are. people got want they wanted: everything is serious, cold, calculated, and minmaxed to perfection. the real game exists in irc channels and skype groups but i'd be surprised to find out that any really serious politicking is even going on anymore. who actually gives a $%&@ about this !@#$ anymore to keep trying?
  4. NSO: "hey, we're all misfits too, do you think we can stay here for a while?"
  5. there will always be a best way to play, and the best will always play that way and then match the rp according to what is dictated by the mechanics because the mechanics don't even make sense and are ridiculous with numbers, its easier to just not even bother with RP outside of some theme-based stuff in announcements
  6. it's best not to waste your time thinking about cn
  7. I wasn't the person who one starred you, but I'll give you a couple pointers because that's what you're here for. 1. Avoid cliches. Tell us something new; don't list stuff we've already heard. Make new comparisons and articulate your ideas differently. 2. You have a good vocabulary but your syntax is a bit weird. It sounds like you're used to writing academically in the third person perspective and are crossing that with your first person. Try to keep them separate and use appropriate language. 3. Make things meaningful to us. Your mother doesn't mean anything to us; why was she ill, what did that mean for you, etc. have not been answered. You will draw people in by connecting things to them, which can be accomplished through being nebulous but is better accomplished deliberately through a personalizing story.
  8. I clicked on this because I saw "The Remnants Broadcasting Channel" and assumed it was the blog of someone in TLR. Needless to say, I was disappointed.
  9. Yeah it looks a billion times better in-game than in this blog entry.
  10. Your people hate you, too?
  11. Hereno

    Rot in hell buddy

    I'm not familiar with this case..
  12. "9 years more of this game" (see: !@#$ that isn't going to happen, ever)
  13. Hereno

    Imagine a World

    The comments here imply that NSO is somehow good now and that's just a load of !@#$ if you ask me.
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