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  1. I was released from the hospital yesterday. I will find out Monday when my next round starts. I am feeling great, however.
  2. First week of chemotherapy is under my belt. Thankfully, not many side effects that could not be dealt with. Next week, I have one more day of out patient chemotherapy and then on Wednesday, I am being admitted into the hospital for a few days for that portion of the treatment. It makes life so much easier with all this stuff with having a port place in me so that I'm not having to be poked and prodded in my veins.
  3. I was just recently diagnosed with Stage 3A Lymphoma Cancer. A lump came up in the summer under my right arn and didn't hurt or grow. I asked my doctor about it and he was said it was probably nothing since it had none of the symptoms of lymphoma but sent me out and had a biopsy completed on it on December 29th. It tested positive for lymphoma and after a full body scan it was determined that all my lymph nodes in my upper body were affected. Yesterday. I had a port put in so that I can begin chemotherapy starting next Monday and will continue that treatment for at least two months. I am
  4. Happy Hoppy Turkey Day!

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like.....Halloween.

  6. This is great to see. It is a great day for those of us that play fair and abide by the rules. o/ Moderation
  7. Yeah that would suck if multiple nations went inactive overnight.
  8. Just think if 10-15 micro alliances merged and took out the #1 spot.
  9. This yearly cycle has created an environment where players are trained that they can be semi active most of the year and just have to be active a few weeks till war gets hung in peace negotiations and they slip back to inactivity.
  10. New Pacific Order (+1.66) That is awesome.
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