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  1. Thanks the GATO Viceroy of NPO, Letum, for a job well done. o/ Letum o/ Frawley o/ Lord of Darkness o/ New Pacific Order
  2. Results so far: Who takes threads off topic more? Septh (64 votes [56.14%]) Junka (42 votes [36.84%]) Bilrow (8 votes [7.02%]) Who is the most annoying poster? Septh (53 votes [46.49%]) Junka (53 votes [46.49%]) Bilrow (8 votes [7.02%]) Do you care and/like Septh and Junka posts? Yes (16 votes [14.04%]) No (46 votes [40.35%]) Don't care (52 votes [45.61%])
  3. Congrats you two on this treaty. o/ TBC o/ PPO
  4. I was released from the hospital yesterday. I will find out Monday when my next round starts. I am feeling great, however.
  5. I fixed the options to be more clear. So those before this might want to review their choices...thought the poll would just reset.
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