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  1. I was released from the hospital yesterday. I will find out Monday when my next round starts. I am feeling great, however.
  2. First week of chemotherapy is under my belt. Thankfully, not many side effects that could not be dealt with. Next week, I have one more day of out patient chemotherapy and then on Wednesday, I am being admitted into the hospital for a few days for that portion of the treatment. It makes life so much easier with all this stuff with having a port place in me so that I'm not having to be poked and prodded in my veins.
  3. I was just recently diagnosed with Stage 3A Lymphoma Cancer. A lump came up in the summer under my right arn and didn't hurt or grow. I asked my doctor about it and he was said it was probably nothing since it had none of the symptoms of lymphoma but sent me out and had a biopsy completed on it on December 29th. It tested positive for lymphoma and after a full body scan it was determined that all my lymph nodes in my upper body were affected. Yesterday. I had a port put in so that I can begin chemotherapy starting next Monday and will continue that treatment for at least two months. I am
  4. Happy Hoppy Turkey Day!

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like.....Halloween.

  6. This is great to see. It is a great day for those of us that play fair and abide by the rules. o/ Moderation
  7. This yearly cycle has created an environment where players are trained that they can be semi active most of the year and just have to be active a few weeks till war gets hung in peace negotiations and they slip back to inactivity.
  8. On way to Huntsville

  9. What was meant for harm sure has turned out for good.

  10. Thanks :P

    Pico is a Dachschund/Chiuhauhau (sp) mix.

  11. I know of at least one person who's IP and email was used from his use of the Mercy Board and him harrassed outside of the game.
  12. You are going to ruin my reputation saying nice things about me. :P

  13. Who is GGA? I thought they were dead.
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