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New Pacific Order Member, Imperial Counselor, Hero of the Order, Past Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs, Past Imperial Advisory Council, Retired High Command, Retired Intelligence Director, Past Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm of the Grand Global Alliance, Past Elder Statesman of the Grand Global Alliance, Babi the Code Monkey, The Purger of the Greenlands, Stealer of Win, Gandy Poodle's Trainer, Toad of the Highest Order, King of Cowards, Sultan of Sycophants, Most Loathed Player of 2009, Warning: Gnawing Inevitable, Squisher of Bugs, Executor of Morality on CN, Cowtipper Extraordinaire, Polar Traitor, He Who Must Not be Named, Stalked by NAH, Slave of DarkMistress, Do You Want a Monkey Claw?, Stealer of all things Christmas, and Head On - Apply Directly to the Forehead, Head On - Apply Directly to the Forehead

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