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  1. We like to tease. But in the end, everything ends in a mess.
  2. Next war shall be known as the ODP war. ODP > all else
  3. For the record, text written by Hoobear. It turned out amazing!
  4. Blue Tentacled Bears From Beyond Article I: Of the Elder Gods and the Unmentionable Stygian Creatures That Lurk. Tsayka. Da Dreadlord. Elder Gods from a forgotten time, part of a collective known as NATO. Only briefly mentioned in an ancient and accursed manuscript. Names that mankind dare not evoke out of fear that their retribution will be swift and ghastly. Their names are not even spoken by the most arcane. Van Hoo III. Shurukian. Gibsonator21. Leaders of a cult of omnivorous daemonaic beings disguised as Earthly creatures of the Ursidae family. Shunned by the civilized world for
  5. Glad you didn't get to nuke me this time Steve :p I also need to do better next war and get in the top 50 at least :/
  6. I think it's quite clear as it is written now.. attack one = all signatories consider themselves at war with aggressor.. no idea how anyone can 'interpret' that differently
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