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  1. On behalf of Kashmir I'd like to congratulate our allies in both TPF and TFO. Glory be to these unions and long may they live!
  2. Kashmir members though too.
  3. Good night, sweet prince.
  4. OMG you two, keep it in your pants.
  5. Admin will instruct you to post in the Moderation center. 😉
  6. Old friend, I'm genuinely curious as to how this iteration of TPF (and/or any other involved alliances) has drawn your ire?
  7. There is nothing illegal (real life connotation) or forbidden (in game) about waging war for that reason or for the initial demands. I'm no longer a mod though, mind you, so my word isn't exactly decisive on this matter. Your best bet is to join an alliance, which will afford you protection from such attacks.
  8. Look’it all these dusty ol’ farts.
  9. There appears to be an inverse relationship between my level of comprehension and your level of intelligence. I can read but you are being incredibly simple-minded here. I'll dumb this down for you as much as I possibly can. I'll apologize in advance though if it still doesn't reach you in any meaningful capacity. I stated RIP to Terry Howard in a thread created by Terry Howard for Terry Howard. I did not address you and clearly my comment was not in response to anything you said. You, however, proceeded to state that this isn't about Terry Howard (what, exactly,
  10. Good for you? It's a bit nonsensical to state, in response to my post about Terry Howard (that neither followed your drivel nor was in response to it), that this isn't about Terry Howard... in a thread created by Terry Howard for Terry Howard. Boy, get out.
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