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  1. Oh nooo, not Terry Howard! *overly sarcastic gasp* 😉
  2. Pardon my intrusion but is DBDC of all people really questioning any CB? Have you not, after all, declared war on nations from half the game's alliances (and declared open season on the other half) quite literally just because? (Slight exaggeration and slight ad hominem, sure. But c'mon, of all the people to feign indignation...)
  3. Apparently brainless apes are captaining the turd-ship that is KoRT. And today that turd-ship sinks. GOODBYE.
  4. Not my intent to deter you but it was chaotic. Things have been much calmer since Methrage was put down once and for all.
  5. I would've waited a bit longer until the 7 year anniversary of the thread to ask, personally, but to each his own I suppose.
  6. As long as you admit that you can't read or follow the timeline of events - which I'm guessing is the case in a roundabout, I was wrong but won't admit it type of way with your first sentence - I'll accept that tack-on label.
  7. Check timestamps you donut, he left CLAWS either after we posted or literally nearly simultaneously.
  8. veracity has been ordered to stand down and CLAW's leadership has privately professed that it has no intention of causing conflict. Since then veracity has continued attacks and spied an uninvolved member of COBRA (the one he sexually harrassed no less). veracity is at this point clearly a rogue. Will be interesting to see if CLAWS supports him.
  9. Hello, all. To be crystal clear, Lex Quintus is one of my dearest friends in this game, as a former Raging Philosopher Kings squadmate in GOONS, as a co-founder of Prototype, and as a general cohort in Kashmir's government. It goes without saying that I have him and his best intentions in mind and hope, whether or not he's presently active, that his nation not be subject of hostile actions. It's a bit of a grey area here, admittedly, since Kashmir doesn't generally extend protection to unaligned nations (and not retroactively) unless it's awarded and advertised in alliance/nation b
  10. Margrave was never more than the second-in-command. At the helm it's only ever been myself or Lexie Poo.
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