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  1. Glory be to the Hyper Young People Excreting Rectally Speedy Pejorative Enhanced Endorsement Dilating Yearly Core Orgasmic Radiating Erectly, and long may Hyper Young People Excreting Rectally Speedy Pejorative Enhanced Endorsement Dilating Yearly Core Orgasmic Radiating Erectly live! o7
  2. What does the hyper speedy core acronym stand for?
  3. For the sake of pedantry, Kashmir's current treaty partners can be found on its wiki page: https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/Kashmir#International_Relations All other agreements and understandings, of a gentleman's nature or otherwise, are hereby considered null and void. (This includes Boog. Boog is dead.) CN reacts:
  4. © Pastor Hakai . tl;dr: CLAWS and Kashmir ODoAP
  5. 1. Kashmir will post a formal surrender to Non Grata on the owf. 2. Kashmir and Non grata agree to discuss any grievances or information obtained prior to this war to resolve, or otherwise agree to dismiss said grievances or information as the past, so we can all move on. 3. Kashmir agrees to pay 1200 tech to each of Lyanna, Dane0, and Caustic. Tech will be paid in 6 rounds of 3 aid slots each by SirWilliam and Jason8. 4. No wars will be declared by Kashmir or Non Grata or her vassal states after 6/29, wars will be fought until expiring. /s/ Kashmir For Non Grata: Kerschbs, Secret Democrat Lyanna, Intern Unkajo, Sergeant of the Pope's Armies Thrash, Minister of Not Poaching dane0, Blood God Erwin Schrodinger, Spirit of not even going here anymore Lenin, Advisor to Questionable propaganda King Cyan (Chameleon), Spirits Supplier Caustic, Pope of Non Grata Stewie, Dreadnought God-Emperor Propediem tē vidēbō.
  6. Can't speak for COBRA, but for Kashmir at least... We can post not one not two not three not four not five but six alliance announcements (on the 31st, the 2nd, the 4th, the 6th, the 11th, and most recently the 19th), and send out some mass-messages while we're at it, but we can't physically force anyone to read anything. Just ask the clueless surrender monkey you're fapping over.
  7. Not sure what skeletons we're trying to conceal here by bringing TFO into this. TFO though did exactly what was asked of them by Kashmir so as to prevent further escalation. That was really part of the plan? Folks, there was no plan beyond hitting NG. COBRA saw red and Kashmir, TPF, and OC were all there for its ally. That we may all have been misled by any number of parties for any number of reasons is immaterial, we all did what good allies do based on the information we had available to us at the time. I had done my best to dissuade Boog from pursuing war in the manner it did but they were all long past the point of no return. C'est la vie. Boog though is dead, I buried it weeks ago. The band is broken up and free to go its separate ways. Take care, OC. 👋
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