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  1. SirWilliam

    Time to say good bye everyone.

  2. SirWilliam

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    Now now, it's all in good fun. I've made amends with GK and COBRA and can only assume that extends to LH. He's a blowhard but he's our blowhard. (PS: Sorry your thread's been getting hijacked, Avakael.)
  3. SirWilliam

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    Your sig pic has redeemed both the !@#$ alliances it lampoons as well as this !@#$ thread we all continue to post in. Regards, SirWilliam, !@#$-King
  4. SirWilliam

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    Wow, rude.
  5. SirWilliam

    Bear Force One: Part Two Action Man

    Have fun, y'all! 😃
  6. SirWilliam

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Have FEAR and CLAPS surrendered yet?
  7. SirWilliam

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I can't say I exactly blame him given what lies down the turnpike.
  8. SirWilliam

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I mean this in the sincerest way possible: Eat !@#$, Canik. I'm not one to criticize beatdowns given my reoccurring scuffles with Methrage and similar parties. But COBRA here can certainly be commended for facing 25 to 1 odds with their chins up and while asking their allies to remain uninvolved. Balls they've certainly got. It's telling really that influential allies of yours are either outright condemning you in back channels or are leaving their alliances altogether because they refuse to support the inanity of your actions. You'll get yours.
  9. SirWilliam

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    Give them heck, sir. Give them heck!
  10. SirWilliam

    Dance Partners for Boogie Night

    In due time, sir!
  11. SirWilliam

    Looking for Cowboys...

    Sooo swaggy.
  12. SirWilliam

    Hoist the mainsail!

    Ooh, same for us. 😆 o7 PPO
  13. SirWilliam

    Roq It 'Til The Wheels Come Off

    What a time to be alive. o7
  14. SirWilliam

    Nothing Important Happened Today

    @Roq: Yes. I butchered it there as well. 🙂