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  1. Kashmir hereby activates its MUTUAL AVOIDANCE DEFENCE PACT with the NpO. We doth hereby take our place with the peanut gallery as we cheer you on from the sidelines (read: our couches, duh).
  2. It's like comparing sh*t to a sh*t sandwich so maybe you have a point... 🤔
  3. You already acquiesced, there's no going backsies.
  4. I can confirm. NPO has certainly exercised their will via nationalistic self-preservation but in my opinion, both from my time as mid-government in Pacifica to my many years outside of the alliance, they weren't schoolyard bullies. Tomato, tomato? If anything, for many years they were this game's most interesting bogeyman, and it was this fact that motivated many - like MK - to strive and thrive. This game isn't !@#$ because of NPO's tactics but because, over the years, everyone (Pacifica included) has stopped genuinely trying. This game is gripped by extreme lethargy. Every single alliance that has existed in the last 5+ years is to blame. This isn't news and is hardly a revelation. It's easy to say that if I disapprove of the state of the game that I can do something about it, but sadly I can't. My 20k of Kashmir's polarized 750k NS is fairly powerless to make fundamental changes in this game. We'll continue to go with the wind until Admin bothers to mercy kill us all then we'll move on to the next game, project, or topic. 😃
  5. And with that the international community mourns. 😪
  6. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/whinge MinestroneMC was today years old when he learned a new word!
  7. Oh the irony. Now kindly piss off and whinge elsewhere.
  8. Not sure anyone is going to fuss with a 1 NS unaligned nation. 😎
  9. Hopefully CN itself is next, mirite? 😉 (I keed.)
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