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  1. Well Old Man, it's nice to see you back again. Wish you'd stuck your neck in any point before the grand finale, but I get it; you're a founder, not a stayer. $%&@ the Legion. I've never liked them. Least the Sith get to go out with a bang instead of a whimper.
  2. He carried himself well, and was fair in his dealings with me and those who I knew. I am sorry for your loss; God go with his family.
  3. Watching you folks play OWF diplomacy/generally act the fool would be funnier if you didn't do it all the damn time.
  4. Listen to this upstanding gentleman, after all, he was against Methrage before he was for Methrage!
  5. A few additions to the record, lest we forget: 1.SDS was providing military aid (money and soldiers) to a group of rogues. When diplomatically approached, we were told to pound sand. A spy op was later reported on the nation who provided the aid. 2. DMFA is a Last Call protectorate, not Kashmir's 3. Methrage had some kind of insane terms he wanted for Jack hitting him, like us ZIing him and a bunch of other nonsense. But he's a crazy %#&!, so that was never going to happen I am enjoying the massive discomfort of certain people who Methrage is trying to buddy up to! It's almost like you don't want to be associated with him!
  6. So you don't have a cogent response to inquiry, nor are you much appraised of history, got it.
  7. So you don't have a cogent response to inquiry, nor are you much appraised of history, got it.
  8. I'd prefer you give me a fully throated argumentation of the CB, for the sake of clarity. I would hate for us to get the CB's wrong for the wiki!
  9. Wanna give the kids a no-sarcasm explanation of your CB/Why you're at war with us? I'm always amazed by the cognitive dissonance opponents exibit, and it is especially strong here.
  10. Aren't you busy being on the same side as Methrage and friends?
  11. Uh-huh. Pound your chest more, you military wunderkind. I'll be back around for a second helping sooner or later.
  12. If I need them, I'll take the coins off your eyes.
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