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  1. Thug with a vocabulary.

  2. there are some crazy !@#$@#$ people playing this game.
  3. For the of love of Raptor Christ, please don't ever surrender. Your vociferous bragging in the midst of your pleading with Doom not to get involved is the most entertaining thing I've seen all year.
  4. Schatt tells the best tales.
  5. Well let's be fair, there was a time when everyone in this thread would have been banned for discussing moderation issues.
  6. AEGIS was the name of the coalition of alliances and blocs that fought the Initiative in the 3rd Great War.
  7. You should delete some pm's and make room for more. Also, get on IRC you eloquent goon.
  8. Margrave

    The dragon is dead!

    Best news I've heard all month. Glad to see you are out of the woods, Dajobo.
  9. Margrave

    The 'C' word

    God's blessing and good fortune to you.
  10. I am unable to take any grown person who watches a show about magical talking ponies for children seriously, so the feeling is mutual.
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