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  1. It's also common knowledge that one of the reasons people try to do this (and certainly the reason in this scenario) is so that they can go off and have fun raiding or w/e whilst giving their "other" alliance the plausible deniability of "well they aren't really ours atm." - but at the same time if something goes really wrong, they can wield the power of their connections as a potential threat to let them off easy. So you end up at a point where an alliance is not responsible for the "dual members" and dual members are not responsible for any of the alliances they claim allegiance to. It's
  2. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order Comrades, friends and denizens of Planet Bob, When I became Emperor in 2014 I promised free the Pacific from the tumultuous cycle it was trapped in for half a decade and lead the Order into an age of growth and opportunity. An era where our nations would be secure to pursue the quest of efficiency, and where we would not be forced to take one step back for every step forward. A world where we can stop settling for "good enough". A world where we can take our ideology of "if it works well, take it apart and make it even better" and apply it free of an
  3. Idk, I like the alliances but something about this smells fishy...
  4. Yeah mate, tell you what. Why don't you try walking into a grocery store next time you're out in the town, and "Demand" that they let the next person that walks up to the till buy whatever it is they came to buy. You'll just get a weird stare. Issuing an "ultimatum" over something that wasn't really in dispute in the first place and then crowing victory when it happens might make one feel better about one's personal statistical deficiencies, but they don't really make you some kind of champion. Nor does mindlessly doing the opposite thing because somebody issued you an "ultimatum" and you ne
  5. The funniest part is how they keep dodging any question about whether they would purposefully kept Minc in war out of spite if they were in such a position. They want to shoot their mouths off but also don't want to look like the bad guys who would prolong a war for the sake of pettiness.
  6. It all makes sense when you consider that certain alliances apparently feel the need to beat up others to "prove" they are strong, and consider it a weakness if others don't take every opportunity to do the same.
  7. What exactly would the motive have been in the first place?
  8. If he wants to attempt that, then I'm not sure why us giving peace to Monsters Inc would stop him.
  9. Back in the day, that NPO would have driven Monsters to perma-zi, pre-empted Bones, and charged his entire alliance 50k of tech in reps. If you feel that is somehow better because it makes up for any feelings of inferiority be my guest, but personally I'd like to source my tech from somewhere more reliable.
  10. You'd have blown people's minds by giving peace to Monsters Inc? I'm not sure how that would work but I'd be interested to find out.
  11. Ah in that case I am glad you agree with us that giving Monsters peace was the right thing to do. Perhaps there is hope for you yet.
  12. I would assume then that a hyper-aggressive alliance such as yours would have kept poor Monsters Inc at war just out of spite for what a third party said? That's not particularly fair.
  13. Indeed, unlike certain petty alliances that harbour a grudge for revenge for every little perceived slight, Oculus is a bastion of forgiveness, fair play and upstanding moral behaviour. Our opponent wanted a bit of war fun, we had a bit of war fun, we shook hands and went home.
  14. Well he just shed light on a grievous oversight, namely that our Monster friends wanted peace but nobody had asked us about it! I am certain now that this regrettable situation has been resolved, he won't possibly have any reason to envisage hostilities with Oculus.
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