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  1. Nations need a certain amount of time to recover post war to a level similar as before it (recover infra and warchest). This can be something like 6-8 months depending on the nation. Add to that that wars are 2-4 months long themselves , and you have a yearly schedule. Having it more often than that would mean nations perpetually getting smaller. The only real alternative is having smaller wars more often where it's not the same people fighting.
  2. Our in-house PR team is debating between "Administrative Solutions Team" and "Cloud-Based Outsourced Governance Functionality"
  3. If they had 370 nations that were the same as their current nations then yes, sure. But don't forget that NPO is mainly a mass recruitment alliance. Something like 35% of our nations have been around less than a year. There's a reason why other alliances with comparable efficiency don't have it on the same scale, and that's because "high-activity" and "mass-member" alliance styles are generally thought to be at odds with each other.
  4. To be fair, SNX inflicted 2.25m NS of damage of NPO, representing a third of the total damage NPO received. Which isn't stellar but isn't really that horrible either.
  5. The most popular game in the world has hundreds of millions of players and billions of fans - yet it is also hundreds of years old and technologically involves nothing more than kicking a round object. The quality of a game isn't down to fancy graphics and tools, it is about enjoyment, and enjoyment can come from lots of places. In CN, it comes from the communities, the player interactions and the chaotic complexity that is created when everybody's plans and goals crash together. In other games it can be about the story, about the quick gratification of achievements, about the competitive to
  6. Give the reader context. Why is realizing your legs are beneath you significant? Why are your dreams weird and how is that relevant? As mentioned, this should probably be reformed to better conceptualize the difference between what is there and the evidence of said existance generated in our brain. "The majority of the world" and "the truth is" are too absolutist statements, and don't really work for this kind of thought provoking peace. The basic question you are asking here is "What is real?" so ask it. Probably best rephrased to talk about whether you can distinguish ne
  7. Letum

    Pacifica Sphere

    Everybody is their own side.
  8. Sorry, I wasn't aware that 9m of NS damage was caused by men that fought without honor. This war continues because the Polar coalition is targeting us, not because our allies want to defend us from damage (which is the entire point of an alliance - if people should just give in and "accept a damage quota", then there would be no point in calling in allies in the first place since the damage quota would be achieved faster without them.) Then again, for a coalition that publicly beats up its own alliances like Valhalla that question their decisions, I guess the concept of allies defending us
  9. Has it perhaps passed your mind that our allies are here because they want to be, not because the NPO is forcing them to? We are not preventing anyone from ending or leaving the war. The Polar coalition is, by trying to cripple the alliance our allies are fighting to protect. The idea of "well, if you just give in and die there will be nothing left for your allies to protect" is silly.
  10. Passive is putting it very lightly.
  11. Why are you so obsessed with NPO? Yes, we ended a war early over everyone's head - but now your coalition has teamed up with the very people that they wanted to "keep fighting", so I can't imagine the concept of peace itself is such a grave offense. Yes, we shouted and cursed and forced people into a specific line of thinking. But how much damage has us "shouting" caused to you, to your alliance or your coalition? Does it kill of your NS or your members? Does it harm you and your national interest in such a way that demands retaliation? Actions speak louder than words, and what the NPO h
  12. I don't think enough people have received your message of frustration merely by you posting a topic and then posting it again in a blog. Why not mass-message it to everyone via PM?
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