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  1. I look forward to accomplishing nothing of note once more!
  2. It's been over a decade, I believe, since the Legion and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization shared a mutual defense agreement. We have both gone through multiple tumultuous events since then and have come out different for the experience. It's a good tie to see come alive to this degree again.
  3. While I'm not FA or AC right now, the reasoning you've provided is pretty much our internal reasoning for this as well. For most of GATO's history, we've been very tolerant of how matters on the Brown sphere go as long as everyone gets along and nobody tries to explicitly interfere in our business, which does include placing sanctions when necessary or properly requested. Brown is not a place to make for political protests on that matter. Grey sphere is the place for escaping color sphere politics.
  4. LSF was asked to stop supporting a rogue senator. They didn't. And honestly, given the trouble you have given us on Brown in previous incarnations, I'm fine with you being sanctioned.
  5. I understand! I guess I'll just wait for another one to open up and then I can vent my frustration a bit about these stupid rogue senators. @Junka, calm down. This thread isn't even about you.
  6. Reading far too much into it. It was never intended to be any more than a bit of bloodsport, a way to relieve some mild stress and have some fun with either the fighting or some betting. If you were hoping for salvation, I'm afraid you were ever looking in the wrong place. In my opinion, we need to get out of the rut of needing a major world war to spark change. If every time we went to war, we have to gauge whether or not we have the greater half of the entire aligned world on our side, it puts a bit of a damper on making war to prove a smaller point. Alliances are the smallest units of rele
  7. Actions speak louder than words, but in a world where words are mostly all I have to go by, they speak volumes of themselves. If you were roleplaying, things would be done entirely different. Someone pointed out ZIing, which is a good example. Tech raids wouldn't be half as acceptable as they are. Really, what sane nation leader condones half the !@#$ CN nations pull on a daily basis? We enjoy piling up casualties in war, sentence nations to ZI (even perma-ZI), and raid other nations for land and tech with no real concern as to consequences. Yes, it is, considering what it involves. Real wo
  8. Not saying it's a FPS. It's just not a RPG. It's really not as simple as whether or not you're technically doing things as a nation ruler. It's the intent and reasoning behind what you do. While I'll grant you that CN does require specific lines of reasoning that could be considered IC for a few actions, I maintain that the majority of the community here do not roleplay in any meaningful form. You might argue technicalities all you want, but CyberNations is no more a RPG than playing Supreme Commander is.
  9. Sure. We have 'characters', if you want to call them that, those being the nation rulers. There's a technical divide between IC and OOC that's semi-enforced. And you could argue that there is a meaningful fictional setting all this takes place in, with a RP-based ruleset (of a sort). But the important part is missing. The community isn't that of an RPG, both in the administration of the game and of the general membership. The majority of those playing CN do not separate in-game and out-of-game identities and thus the reasoning for their actions is not that of their characters, but of the playe
  10. No, it isn't. At best, it's tolerant of those that would like to RP here.
  11. Happy Birthday Comrade ;)

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