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  1. All was quite in Salazarstan as salazarstani men and women recovered from the last few wars that they had suffered, Ivan had a plan to restore his nation ten fold until an new enemy ermeged which compeletly caught salazarstan by surrpise and as useal salazarstan was unable to mount a defenseive counter attack. for days the enemy bombed the nation and occupied the Island nation but now Salazarstani men and woman are fighting back and driving the enemy back. there inspration a statue of the Goddess of Pacifica was destoyed and defiled, with this salazarstani men and woman have joined up with the Pacifican resitance and together they have mount a suprise attack driving the enemy from the south of serpentine towards the sea. http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=826762
  2. Iam interested i'll gladly give you some tech send me the money and you shall have your tech.
  3. thank you for your service.

  4. http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=594897&Extended=1

    so that you know i just caught this, hes now sending aid to himself.

    1. Captian


      Dang you r a snitch let them catch the people on their own gish I bet u have no friends

  5. Dubble or nothing guys i need founds for a war that is raging and i desprate for founds, so early bird gets the worm. tech 300 for the tall tall price of 50mill
  6. hy, comrade you wanna take care of a nuclear rouge?

  7. I am not to sure if this is allowed in the report bug center but i guise i can try elaborate more for you. everytime I open an link to somewhere like the report bug center,massages or the forum link ingame.It opens up or switches the original page to someplace else, when the page sits to long it also switches to a different site as it reloads the page . I hope this helps admin.
  8. Important to all people involved in a tech deal with me please read. due to stuff that had happened that wasn't in my control, i am forced to say this. I was away for a few weeks and tech is due and i will do everything i can to pay everyone their well paid tech,, however if i can't give you the tech you paid for i'll pin you down and i promise you'll be at the top of my list effectively i'll be limiting who i am dealing with. please understand stuff has happened that wasn't in my full control. thank you.
  9. excuse me, lord hitchock i don't need to remind you how the war effected me and my member on a economic level if you can't agree on the first restraint then i ask you to send 3mill to me and my member. thats all i ask.
  10. I wish to express to you lord Hithchock the seriousness of this however i will agree to a white peace if you lordHitchock agree to a few restraints which will be outlined here. 1) You will apologize to NIRO and to the red spear as an whole by radio news and promise to never attack a member of the spear again. 2) send 3million of rebuilding to me and my member who where effected by the war
  11. This needs to be said Lord Hitchock and heed this well you aren't safe at lower teir and strength, the fact that your allaince stands as an beacon of lawlessness is an front to all of planet bob heck idk even know you but you had to be an much better guy then this husk you have seen to become. not 1 nuke will be launched sense you relay on them far to much, if you except NIRO to surrender or break simply you have an few rockets at your command, only cowards hide behind nukes and you sir are the biggest one i've seen so far. I am going to finish what TCA started years ago even if it means my defeat.
  12. I haven't heard anything in my embassy for awhile comrade. i need to know is supernova with me againist monsters inc.

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