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  1. All was quite in Salazarstan as salazarstani men and women recovered from the last few wars that they had suffered, Ivan had a plan to restore his nation ten fold until an new enemy ermeged which compeletly caught salazarstan by surrpise and as useal salazarstan was unable to mount a defenseive counter attack. for days the enemy bombed the nation and occupied the Island nation but now Salazarstani men and woman are fighting back and driving the enemy back. there inspration a statue of the Goddess of Pacifica was destoyed and defiled, with this salazarstani men and woman have joine
  2. thank you for your service.

  3. http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=594897&Extended=1

    so that you know i just caught this, hes now sending aid to himself.

    1. Captian


      Dang you r a snitch let them catch the people on their own gish I bet u have no friends

  4. hy, comrade you wanna take care of a nuclear rouge?

  5. I haven't heard anything in my embassy for awhile comrade. i need to know is supernova with me againist monsters inc.

  6. hmmm, you know i was greatly disappointing when planet gamming suddenly vanished. (well not that much sense the only game I ever played was cyber citzen and tour of generals which in my opinion was slightly more realistic compared to cn,down side you don't need to wait around for your opponent  to attack however unlike cn there is an clear winner. )



    Speaking of which are the mighty admin ever going to implement a winning macanic? ps it would simply rock if i could control my men movements in game other then simply playing by chance and numbers.


    legibly asking questions. :P

  7. If it looks like an prate and acts like an prate then its a prate.

  8. Raiding the Order and being our enemy doesn't pay,If you Raid you can be sure you'll get an house call.this is meant for prates and wannabe prates dubble check your idea do you wannabe my next target practice? If this doesn't detour you the slighest bit then come at me and we'll see who wins in the end,my soldiers always looks forward for some fun.
  9. Our brave comrades defended the motherland till their last breath even when Moscow and Staint Petersbrug became targets of Nuclear attacks , The enemy at the beginning of the war failed to realize the fully fighting force of the brave Imperial Army , but sadly these poor souls will never again see the motherland for they gave their lives for the security and defense of saint Petersbrug.
  10. 8 March – 8 November: The Fall of Imperial Russia and reestablishing itself under the Bolshevik party. After years of suppression by Tsar Nicholas II and Bourgeoisie Valdimire Lenin can now start to rebuild the Russian Economy which was devastated by the effect of ww1. 21 January 1924 Valdimir Lenin dies due to a stroke and he is then replaced by Alexie Rykov after he came into office in 2 February 1924. 15 March 1938 Alexie Rykov dies of old age he is then replaced by Sergei Syrtsov who came into office 18 May 1929. The soviet union establishes the Berlin wall. Protest accrue in Mo
  11. this day is so boring.

    1. Captian


      Well go outside for once

  12. Not to sure if any one actually reads these things but hy it keeps me intertained.

  13. It's good to be the Tsar.

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