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  1. Isolatar

    Declaration of War on GPA

    Grrr.... I always knew Banned was a blood thirsty bastard! I guess it just runs in the family.
  2. I'm just here to say MI6 was a great alliance and the fact that it took itself to destroy the alliance and not any other factor, shows how much of a threat we were to Oculus. Take heed, Roquentin! For your time will be coming soon and your whole world will be turned upside down! Praise be to Chimaera! On a less serious note, Junka, you may want to reconsider what you're doing. If you truly cared for your alliance, you would stop posting on the OWF and let Galerion handle damage control. You and I both know the attacks are only happening because of you. Not your alliance, not your members. You. The very least you could do for your members is to stop replying here altogether, and eventually this thread will die out, your alliance would be given peace, and would help give themselves a semi fresh slate.
  3. Banned is a massive !@#$ but he's our !@#$
  4. Isolatar

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    When did Polar start owning Oculus? s/o to their FA team, it's an impressive feat.
  5. Isolatar

    The Seven Kingdoms Disbandment

    You've achieved nothing in the years you were here, didn't get involved in defensive wars to protect your allies and other stuff. Good bye.
  6. Isolatar

    Now you's can't leave.

    Greeting alliances is now considered a threat? Hey GATO .
  7. Isolatar

    Who Needs a Horse Accords

    There's two treaties here? Congrats to all parties!
  8. Isolatar


    I don't know what narrative you're trying to peddle here but this is simply a raid. Nothing more, nothing less. MInc is well within their rights to recognise hostilities and for that, I applaud them for it. Though if SNX wishes to create a treaty out of thin air to defend their friends in MInc, then they too are well within their rights to do it.
  9. Isolatar


  10. Isolatar


    It's a shame such raids are now seen as wars. If only MHA and Fark could agree with your views.
  11. Isolatar

    A brief announcement from LPCN

    Thank you for the clarification Sigrun.
  12. Isolatar

    The Purge

    No Haflinger, he's absolutely right. I sold my nation that had no infra and was at war with Oculus for $100. You should try it too. https://join.skype.com/BWxGMNZwIz9P Here's the link to Monster's Univeristy Skype conversation where both Hardin and ATG are, if they haven't left already. Hopefully you'll be able to get a good deal as well.
  13. Isolatar

    The Purge

    Dont worry about Caparo or the rest of the Monsters University lot, they're not leaving the war without talking to Banned/Roq.
  14. Isolatar

    The Purge

    Where's Caparo heading off to?
  15. Isolatar

    Putting the Family Cat to Sleep.

    And to think it was only a year ago when a group of DK nations didn't give a $%&@ about GATO and attacked their current AC.