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  1. The problem is these terms are all subjective. What is honorable to one person is not necessarily honorable to another. It is a criteria that each person ascertains to be their own "interpretation" of it. I will agree however that people's criterias can be quite flimsy and change from stance to stance. If people are more consistent with their own criteria of what they deem honorable then it is not hypocritical. However, there is another factor to keep in mind and that is people change. So it is perhaps people have grown or something has happened to change their stance/criteria on what they view as honorable. It is hard to simplify something that is complex on so many different levels and in the end is all subjective.
  2. Forge your own path rather than be led.

  3. Time for the annual cupcake smash. *sits on* :P

  4. I have a license to run you over.

  5. You've got a license to kill? I didn't know I was dealing with Double-0 Penguin. I'll have to take you more seriously from now on.

  6. The days pass by, counting the hours until I see you again.

    1. Kyriakos Raanb Dorou

      Kyriakos Raanb Dorou

      Yeah, I know. I miss me too. :v:

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