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  1. Just finding this. I can't believe this, I am in such shock. RIP, old friend.
  2. Leave me out of your ad hominem attacks that have no legitimate basis and still aren't doing much to your original point. P.S. his actual hat is much uglier than that.
  3. First of all, @James Spanier, that hat of yours is atrocious. But how is complimenting a hat same to blind loyalty? I have been curbstomped many times, and I didn't always agree with it, but no matter what happens, once war starts, you're obligated to honor your treaties unless it is a suicidal way to go out. Also, people complimenting others, recognizing them on a human level that they're human is one of the simplest things anyone can do. A compliment that wasn't needed, it was a simple exchange of human goodwill. The recognition of as we go on in our daily lives, we have intersections and pl
  4. By depriving NG of their legitimacy, they're trying to discredit their actions and imply that they aren't an alliance and by extension, therefore, none of their actions hold political clout. It is essentially a PR move that would open the door to any alliance doing something that goes against the grain, they get rolled. Seems to be a repeat of days before. Vox Populi wasn't recognized as an 'alliance' for the same reason.
  5. Competent leadership can be anyone. NG may do things people don't like, I don't know the full back story, but at least they're actually doing something. Calling them a rogue entity, that I would always disagree with. That is a new level of low. Anyone can be a leader, it is easier these days. Shockingly, all you have to do is actually do something. It took me years to gain the network I did, but I wasn't anyone special. All I did was actively reaching out, actually putting my foot where my mouth was. People can lead, if they're willing to risk it. It is not going to be me, I did my part.
  6. I was around since 2008 and while jerdge and @Finster Baby are right, I have been through the rise and demise of CN. Through the leadership of two different alliances through March 2008 until my retirement in late 2013. Even in 2012-2013, it is the same story over and over. When I was in TOOL, we were the underdogs. We were moralists, people had a CB and had to work at declaring wars. Things became more interesting after Q dissolved but once again, over six years later, once again you have a bloc of alliances choosing who to roll. The basics of politics is people became too afraid to do things
  7. The problem is these terms are all subjective. What is honorable to one person is not necessarily honorable to another. It is a criteria that each person ascertains to be their own "interpretation" of it. I will agree however that people's criterias can be quite flimsy and change from stance to stance. If people are more consistent with their own criteria of what they deem honorable then it is not hypocritical. However, there is another factor to keep in mind and that is people change. So it is perhaps people have grown or something has happened to change their stance/criteria on what they vie
  8. Forge your own path rather than be led.

  9. Time for the annual cupcake smash. *sits on* :P

  10. I have a license to run you over.

  11. You've got a license to kill? I didn't know I was dealing with Double-0 Penguin. I'll have to take you more seriously from now on.

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