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  1. This is a prime example of the game taking things for granted. Despite our limited contact over the years, sir, I want you to know, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that I appreciate all you ever did for this community. If the game had more you, it would have less blah. Enjoy your respite, you have earned it.
  2. Just out of curiosity, does this include your alliance?
  3. A combination of old age and going back to work at a real job.
  4. Rush Sykes

    Rush, was this you?

    This assault on my character will not go unpunished. Also, I have an alibi for that night.
  5. Rush Sykes

    The 'C' word

    Things like this transcend the game. I wish you a speedy recover my old fri....nemesis.
  6. CN is a little less !@#$%* with you back. Also, I personally am very proud of the changes you have made, it has been my privilege to be close enough to watch the changes.
  7. This is why I always led TLR with a willingness to hit allies of allies once committed to a coallition... it does not enable the other side to play use my allies on either side to play treaty chess.
  8. I know why. It was pretty much the same leadership that the lazy "A Declaration on one is a declaration on all" BS came from.
  9. That is pretty much the par-for-the-course NO U reposnse I would expect. The Rush who is not in gov, is vastly different from the one who was in gov. It is okay for you all to forget that, I do not mind. The freedom that retirement has given me (freedom from the bonds of having to worry about how my words would effect our sphere, or our ally's tertiary spheres) allows me to be much more of a straight shooter than I ever was. It does not mean I forget how gov should act. It has become quite important to your little sphere of friends to paint me as some stark raving lunatic. A lot of effort for a guy who does not mean much, no? There are differences between opinion and fact. This entire blog and every comment around it is about my opinion. There are enough people who really know me, though. Who know that I do not arrive at willy-nilly opinions, they are shaped by real discourse, real words and real actions. As such, for you to comment on my opinion about Marx vs my opinion on NG, is akin to a blind man telling me what color tie I should wear. You have no idea my interactions with both entities in question, but you are quick to assume that it is unimportant. In a nutshell... that kind of attitude is what is wrong with your silly little alliance.
  10. I read and read and read the words you write, and I wonder , how with so many bright individuals in GOONS, that they looked around them and said "We want this guy in gov." You a) know nothing b) understand less and c) are an absolute embarrassment to years of GOONS history. It is too bad they do not realize it for themselves.
  11. If TOP as a whole was more like you, and lost some of the inherent arrogance they treated so many with between the run-up to the last war and now, they might not be in this position.
  12. It also does not address the point that Mi6's smugness and talking down to literally everyone, created a reality where nobody wanted to be anywhere near them (save those who had already snuggled up to them), and this desire to be nowhere near Mi6, shut down EVERY FA option that TOP and friends tried to exploit. But hey, at least the members of Mi6 got to try to land zingers in every post.
  13. Translated : we failed to be kings rather than kingmakers.
  14. Stop trying to make me play the game seriously again! I AM A LULZIST!
  15. It is like you are intentionally ignoring the point. I would invite you to go ask around among those not in the Platysphere... and even among some of those in XX sphere what exactly it is they think about your alliance... and why. You talk down to literally everyone. And let us be honest, you blatantly and smugly point out "poaching" members (I really hate the poaching argument, but lets be flipping honest, LOTS OF ALLIANCES CARE ABOUT IT.) It is like it never ever occurred to you, or to any of your poached members, that you should probably STFU about poaching and let it go away, rather than embracing it and using every last opportunity to remind specific alliances of your successful wresting away of their members(this will shock you Myth, but when you remind ONE alliance of a poached member, you have reminded all of them.) Then for others, it is that you act like you have single handedly conquered the world, when you have done (are you ready for this...) NOTHING. It is why I repeat to earn your smug before you flaunt your smug. Your alliance, to be COMPLETELY blunt, is trying VERY hard to be the new MK, only you have not one iota of personality, not one strong figure who can be looked at with a wide degree of respect from nearly everyone. These opinions are not mine, they are COMMON among a large portion of the planet. This will fall totally on deaf ears because your entire alliance is made up of members with a sole purpose being to "land that zinger on anyone who doesnt like us." There is a time to shut up , put your head down and change a rotten image, instead you choose to believe the image is made up, and ignore what is so plainly obvious to so many people. I will await your reply with the aforementioned zinger about TLR inactivity,. Rush and pink elephants, or Rush thinks he know everything from 2 year old Skype calls. The reasons for the almost universal disdain of your alliance are many. I am personally quite happy that you choose to believe the reasons are none.
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