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  1. I have a chicken nugget and a bag of doritos, what will that get me?
  2. Fish should always be cooked 6 days in advance, then reheated in a microwave.
  3. Just doing my somewhat annual check in. I hope you are all doing well in this pandemic infested world. You dont really have to ask me anything, but if you do, I will certainly answer. Mostly I just wanted to say hello to any of my old friends who are still around.
  4. Nothing but self-righteous sycophants continuing to to try to rule a wasteland of a planet. I do miss some of you though. Only some.
  5. Words like honorable and evil are thrown around far too easily on Bob. Perhaps TOP was both, most likely, they were neither. It is ok to be neither. Honor is a hypocritical notion that is totally linked to the stomping side or the stomped side. The bottom line is, TOP has had some wonderfully fine people over the years who I greatly enjoyed working with. At the same time, TOP has had some of the most infuriating , overly cautious people to work with over the years. Ultimately, I liked what I liked about them,. more than I disliked what I disliked about them. so they were an asset to Planet Bob. Fare the well old friendversaries.
  6. Seriously my old friends... I love you guys. Godspeed.
  7. There are very precious few events that change the course of history on any planet in the Universe. This was one such instance of changing the course of history on Planet Bob. I am proud of my time, accomplishments, and friendships that came out of this endeavor. Alliances and blocs have and may continue to come and go, but at a base level, there was never, ever, a closer group than this and there will never be again.
  8. I am so glad I am too far withdrawn from the Politics of Bob, or else this would literally make me ill.
  9. I would have once cared about this... but if some of my old friends still, then congrats to them.
  10. And finally the punchling to a very sad joke is delivered.... maybe?
  11. the worst part is watching people I have respected for a long time allow themselves to be dragged into Minc idiocy and SNX idiocy. This is what happens when nobody tries anymore.
  12. I realize, little one, that your ego is starving and you need to feed it at all costs....and I really hate to do it to you shnookums, but I just have to break it to you cleanly and straightforwardly the only way I can.... I was not talking about you. Now, quickly, someone get this heartbroken little man a tissue.
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