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  1. Alright, alright, alright. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Sing it with me!
  2. Red was honestly the only person that could get me to activate a nation. Add to that Reavers... life is good. No filter, no worries about all the other bs. Yup, life is good.
  3. Whats going on Rey? It was only a matter of time. I took a long time to decide if I wanted to or not. Decided I really don't give a flying f%!& :)
  4. Red, what have you done? And what did you get Rush to do?
  5. Mass credit to Bro's for all his hard work on this o/
  6. Thanks for the fun Bcortell & D34th o/ Once again best to you IRON o/
  7. I answered the leash question. About the spreadsheets, bcortel was given a task for the coalition. It went to his head. Out of one side of his mouth he wanted help and out of the other he was talking trash. His spreadsheets and great work for that front isn't a free pass to act as if he was more than a soldier. Omni if you feel my misquote is a lie (aka intentional) then so be it.
  8. How can you be this ... under a bridge.... I have NEVER EVER claimed to be without mistakes. The difference, I openly admit them and not try to cover them up like a child. You could learn from this.
  9. Does bcortell run Sengoku? No? Then the first leash is Sengoku. During the war who did Sengoku come in for? Ai, then they hold the second. Do I really have to do remedial explanations?
  10. Says the guy (bcortell) that didn't refer to the correction and applied a double standard. Yup I posted the wrong room then when challenged I took the time to look it up and correct it. I am indeed horrible.
  11. ??? You never cease to amaze me on the sheer "throw shit at a wall and see what sticks" attitude Death. Tell me what your point/accusation actually is? NPO was trying to reduce damage on TLR? NPO is complaining about allies? Seriously at this point you have jumped all over the place and I have no idea what you beef really is other than your typical Evil horrible NPO. Bcortell, go read more. I specifically put up the correction. But like always the dog on the leash tries to attack. I hope your spreadsheet work is going well for you.
  12. Why do you keep changing your direction? Oh wait because you already lost your previous comment argument. NP run along D34th :) Also I never said anything about them changing the course of the war (where are you getting this?). Not having them against us very preferable, hence the neutral or with us. NG in the war was a matter of having to have resources there to deal with them vs keeping those assets on another target. But you wouldn't know about that board warrior.
  13. Actually VE dropped the moment they refused to have NPO on the peace document ... lol Silly Goldie :)
  14. My apologies he was in the CnG front room. I misspoke.
  15. Good lord Heart. Let me simplify it. Polar was in the wrong channel. If I misquoted the channel and that offended you, my apologies. Let me go read my log and see what channel he said.
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