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  1. So I have to ask, because I understand your point. Do you not see the only reason you had traction for Vox was indeed the NPO? Proof of this exists in two forms: 1. You never did anything again regardless of oppression that rose to power. 2. People start speaking Vox again when the NPO makes moves some consider threatening (boggle). Regardless of what it means to you Nintenderek, I believe you are a mass minority. Since it has been so long I am not sure you can even, just by yourself, say what it means as if it is the only meaning/reason.
  2. I was. At this point with FARK/FAN it is what it is. We will simply adjust to motivate them.
  3. You go on next week Holton Yup Locke is one of very few people that side stepped well enough that he had me quiet a time or two o/ Locke
  4. Lusitan as you can imagine since you are reading my blog, it actually IS about my views and feelings. If that bothers you, you are reading the wrong thing, by choice no less. Remember you have the ultimate choice of NOT... yes NOT reading it.
  5. Okay SCY, that made me laugh
  6. Greatmagnus I agree completely
  7. War was hot and heavy and I watched DH and allies from my coalition spout insults and what have you left and right on the OWF. I wanted to rage and let them know what cowardly !@#$%^&* I found them to be. Then once again I stepped back and took a good long look. I heard everything my side was saying about it and I heard everything the other side was saying about it. Its funny even when I think about it now, the rage wasn't really about what was done - it was that it was done to me. I recognize when I first joined CN in 2006, I was a very different player and had no real concept of wha
  8. NPO did not lie about not entering the war. The fact that I have views and opinions during that time does not equate to then Emperor Cortath. They were, as I stated, my views. You can say "The Regent of the NPO said xxxx" however at the time I was an IO and the decision did not fall to me. I was made Regent in the middle of the war. I know you are having a hard time getting past one line and keeping things in the context in which they are written. I mean hell if I were you I might consider that as well considering in the end you blew your political wad making a !@#$% move that you are ju
  9. If our allies entered, as I have stated, I seriously doubt we would have denied them. That would have been Cortath's call. If it was just to defend or help Polar we were not entering. That is what I am saying that is what I have said. You don't get to read just one line and take it in a context you like, take the whole. There are so many threads for you to debate, you really needed another here. Whatever. Search through a hundred thousand threads and find as many lines as you can to make you feel comfortable with you soapbox. I will sit here and just shake my head.
  10. Lusitan and really anyone; take it any way you want it. I said they would be my thoughts, they are my thoughts. I was sharing the dilemma in my thoughts and the situation. If anyone is looking for justification in their actions (on either side of the war) meh, there are better places for it.
  11. Neither, its the dual problem with the situation: No need or real cause to aid Polaris. If allies were in, we would honor our history and agreements with them. thus.. The decree of neutrality would have been moot for the OWF. The decree of neutrality would have been wrong in respect to our allies. There wasn't a whole lot that was black and white about this situation. If it were we would all agree and I wouldn't find a desire to share my views on it. Its funny you bring up something I was thinking of writing about the owf and how every decision has to be black and white and exclus
  12. A decree of neutrality would have been moot and frankly wrong. First we weren't actually Neutral and it would have put us at odds with those which we are and were close with. The fact remains if our direct allies were in our history with them and our trust in them would have caused us to go in, not the document we signed. Furthermore the OWF would have saw that and had a field day. In the end, nothing would have stopped the pre-empt. The only thing it would have served was bad PR for Doomhouse (which they did plenty of themselves). Bad PR for Doomhouse vs putting a strain on our friends
  13. Let me clarify, I think others used your Polar war as a gateway. When I start to ramble my phrasing falls apart.
  14. You seem to believe I am trying to say one is right over another and that isn't the case. I am stating what I have seen and my thoughts. Step back from your knowledge (or don't) and see it from a different set of eyes, that is all this is. Also if I thought VE directly orchestrated all of this, I would have said so on your forums directly.
  15. Azaghul: I purposely didn't put in a timeline because I am sure there is enough grey area to make new arguments add nausea. Also, not surprised
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