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  1. I've had an epiphany. You see, I was basking in ignorance and have recently been enlightened. I have truly experienced revelation. You see, here I was, fumbling around CN, bored, seriously considering letting my nation finally die. It's been in the works for several years. I've found no motivation. No desire. I feared that CN no longer offered anything to me. It is, as we have all noted, slowly dwindling into nothingness. Then, TBC, as nothing more than a few loudmouths (Yes. I'm talking about me, so don't read this into my ongoing feud with Gibsonator21, a fe
  2. I came for the hookers and blow, but left dry and low.
  3. Mostly it is the butthurt from the methface coalition that I find hilarious.
  4. I feel like the kid from Big Daddy. "What's the name of this game?" "I win." "Why's that?" "Because I win."
  5. I came for the provocotive titled and stayed for the great story of perservence and sticktoitiveness in the face of adversity. It was a nice break from my day. Thanks. I appreciate the sharing.
  6. First, my complements on the work that went into the OP. I always appreciate Rush's incites, even when I disagree. I was government in a now defunct AA and feel I can share a bit of what was OPSEC at the time, as a member of the oa coalition. LoSS came to NPL and wanted to roll with us during that war (it was the newest treaty each AA had and we were in the "I love you, man" phase). As the coalition was planning, LoSS also indicated they would really like a shot at NG, which fit in nicely with the undercurrents (that I was actually too naive to see) that Rush touched on. The only way anyb
  7. I have had some experience with this topic on both sides of it. I think the bigger issue isn't the poaching that happens between friends (i.e. MF telling me just to get SRA to merge into R&R: what is clearly a dig at somebody for the purposes of sport, which both parties go along with as sport isn't the issue). What is, however, a problem, is when the poacher(s) are unwilling to listen to No answers or are using the idea of poaching as a form of espionage. Even then, I think the former is worse than the latter.
  8. There is some truth to this. It used to be the winning side would press its advantage, roll the losing side before it could rebuild again. Lather, rinse, repeat until enough people got pissed and did something about it. The cycle doesn't work.
  9. Ok, I have made a decision. I will tell you that many of my friends have strong-armed me, telling me where I would be a good fit. I'm simply waiting on approval from the AA, before I announce it officially. Thanks for the fun everybody. Maybe I'll do it again in 3 years. EDIT: I have joined SRA. In part, my decision is to spite all those people who thought MI6 was a forgone conclusion. You can't tell me what to do, so heh! o/all the creative fun that went into my narcissistic vanity and those who were willing to play along.
  10. You are the second AA to offer a made up government position.
  11. NPL was a micro when I joined it. Also, this is interesting...
  12. Ok, guys, I think honestly, I have narrowed it down to 5 AAs. MI6 - because of this: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/121112-user-smurthwaite/ SRA - because of this RIA - because of waffles R&R - who owns my soul (allegedly) Guinness - who I know nothing about, but seem like they could be a good micro to work in
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