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  1. Well, I wouldnt say i agree but im not saying I disagree. Actually I totally agree
  2. I dont understand this one... Are you saying that on a individual scale there is no drama? Because there is lots of drama.
  3. you lazy sack of !@#$ still luv u tho
  4. We literally filled out Gophers app. I can do the same for you kata. Now if you would be so kind as to join MI6, we can get this party underway. OH and bring Bambi. And WS, CK, MF, Roxas, oh and try to like convince panda to join R&R then have him join MI6. Actually might as well just merge into MI6.
  5. Thats what happens :| The side that loses wants to win. They sign treaties and try to break up the opposing side before they war. They go to war with great numbers and boom. Thanks for telling us nothing.
  6. How does someone be the remnants of death? They are dead. They cant move. They certainly wouldn't be able to write such a masterpiece such as this. And now here's something I just thought about, red balloons. Not just any red balloons but the ones in GTA:VCS. You know you had to shoot all 100 to get nice guns at your house. Anyway, Just thought about that and thought I should tell you. Xoxo Kill
  7. If you want to play it that way then do it. But you have tarnished your reputation to the point thats its just laughable. People like me dont need to play the game you want to play. Like I said I've won. I've accomplished everything I've ever wanted, while you...havent.
  8. I have already won. Im in a community that wants me and will be there for me,I have friends almost everywhere, and I got nukes. Nothing more for me to do but keep gaining friends and building relationships. And well to climb the ranks in MI6 but I can live without that.
  9. Annnd just like that MI6 has no more treaties :| Also "join mi8"
  10. Gopher had a Sanction Race message telling you to join MI6. If that aint love then I dont know what is
  11. Join NPL you could be CCO! Or my deputy...I like that one better.
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