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    With Roman Legions ....This Emperor/ Empress pledges to God to defend PAX Constantinople from barbarian dum dums. HAIL ROME!!!! HAIL CONSTANTINOPLE!!!!

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  1. Thats ok, I am not picky. And you are very Feminine anyway....so it's all good. It's 2017 after all.
  2. I am semi retired woman....I enjoy the banter of forums much more than being part of a rinky dinky alliance such as SLAP. So long as SLAP exists and a death sentence remains on my head this little birdie will chirp chirp chirp. And there is NOTHING that can stop that.
  3. Unlike you White Chocolate I am free now to speak my mind. And I will continue to do so.
  4. I am sorry for being a little obtuse. My hatred of Banned and SLAP has blinded me to what is really going on. Though I don't speak for the GPA government and I am not privy to their war plans. I do know why they chose NOT to speak. Why speak to a rinky dinky alliance like SLAP? Banned is only following someone's orders. Someone else is the puppet master. SLAP is only the puppet. Why would GPA lower themselves talking to lap dogs...bum slaves and school cleaners? Pillow biters don't deserve the time of day. the true puppet master should reveal themselves...
  5. SLAP thinks I am a rogue.....I am merely misunderstood.
  6. I wish GPA would give all of CN an update on the GPA\SLAP War. I am getting bored of insulting SLAP and Banned (the Obsessed). I keep coming back to this boring thread just to see if there is a war update.
  7. was this thread about the GPA/SLAP War????? Oh yeah......for a while there I thought it was about me and Banned and our love/hate relationship (really all hate). GPA please speak up, it is just too easy to insult SLAP and Banned (the Obsessed), I am getting bored and my fingers hurt typing...
  8. I know...I should unblock him on Discord. But his messages are just to damn sexy for me. You can still have that cruise White Chocolate, you never know, you can come and visit me in secret. I won't tell Banned (The Obsessed) that you are with me. It is our secret.
  9. well.....ok I agree with you on that....and you have me there. So you can obsess about me it you want. But only until GPA speaks up. Deal?
  10. you have an unhealthy obsession with me Banned.....and I LOVE IT!!!! You think of me in your RL too. LOL!!! and here its your alliance's thread and declaration of war on GPA, yet you center your attention to me....I am flattered.
  11. Mmmmmmm.....maybe you and I should go on a Cruise Banned......The Love Boat is leaving soon.... And you would love it Banned....Just like Claude of Russia 1. You couldn't get enough of me and you are HOT for me I know. Except I doubt if you would look good in a speedo, like Claude does. You told me so many times in the last couple of days you are HOT for me......Send me some more love messages I haven't heard from you today darling....Kisses.... Or are you a little jealous I offered White Chocolate a good time on a cruise....I swing both ways you know.
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