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  1. I blame smurth! He said something about a free for all and I just couldn't resist coming back for one last death run! Also having a good laugh about the NoR thing... I just hit the first bastard I saw giving Viceroy Ogaden a hard time. Looking at the end result I can confidently say my work here is done! Enjoy the chaos everyone!
  2. Initiate Kamikaze run!!!! Sorry we're sooooo late... us bears tend to slip into a state of hibernation from time to time.
  3. I can feel SystemFailure stirring from his slumber as we speak!
  4. My fave right now is windir http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=101986 10 years of non stop nation building and tech selling.... and not a single Military wonder in sight... the mind boggles about what he's been doing for the last decade?
  5. 11/21/2016 11:11:11 AM "Financial Assistance" Grundy Ruler: Magicninja Global Alliance And Treaty Organization Caisleaer Ruler: Caisleaer Army of Xiphosis $6,000,000 0 Tech 0 Soldiers Approved Dear GATO We would appreciate it if you would stop aiding our Prisoners of War....your disturbing the peace in cell block 2 where Whimsy keeps complaining about always missing out when its birthday cake time, either aid everyone or none at all, it's the only way to be fair. Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. ...aha! caught the cheeky culprit! 10/30/2016 8:40:26 PM new liberia Ruler: president michael55 Global Alliance And Treaty Organization Rep of Queensland Ruler: King Wally Army of Xiphosis Destroy Cruise Missiles Complete Failure
  7. Some bastard spied my cruise missiles the other day! It was YOU wasn't it Mr Dream-Boat!
  8. Good sir I am the Robin Hood of casualties... I rob them from the rich and give them to the poor!
  9. gowfanatic = 2,119,219 Attacking + 4,659,684 Defending = 6,778,903 Casualties ^ you've paid your due's to planet bob.... I'll save my nukes for the Apathy Brigade. One way or another I shall wake them from their slumber... if even one becomes active and actually starts "participating" while I exit this world it'll be worth it.
  10. Trust me man it's fun down where I am..... 3 targets with no SDI (I don't even bother trying to nuke my SDI guys now!).... one is down to his last 3 million in cash... the others have no military wonders or even bothered swapping to military improvements despite playing for years on end and seemingly knowing better? I call it the apathy tier, and it's waiting for you!
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