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  1. Bring on the Krispy Creme's Daj!!!
  2. King Wally

    The 'C' word

    When my Daughter was in Kindergarden she got up and told her class that her mummy say's the "C" word all the time. Awkwardly the teacher mentioned it to my wife before having to clear up that in our house the "C" naughty word was in fact "crap". Was a bit of a laugh.
  3. King Wally

    The 'C' word

    Good luck for today Mr Daj! Frankly I always considered 13 a lucky number anyway, give that cancer hell mate!
  4. Exactly. The general "moralist" mindset exists, but it's not necessarily always going to be a far wing version of it, likewise with the Lulz crew. There are many places along the scope of both sides and many groups of folks exist within.
  5. I can't explain why.... or how..... but the thread has derailed into a NRL vs AFL debate now with the Blues and Maroons supporters joining forces like some crazy Superman - Batman dynamic duo to smite our aerial ping pong cousins once and for all! haaaaa! http://npl-alliance.net/hp_smf/index.php?topic=4741.15
  6. http://npl-alliance.net/hp_smf/index.php?topic=4741.0 The arena is set.... GAME ON! o/
  7. Tell you what..... looser has to MS paint the other a go team pro-QLD/NSW supporter poster. I win I'd like ol Wally Lewis center poster back from retirement saving the day
  8. Hear-ye Hear-ye King Wally of the Republic of Queensland here-by personally challenges the filthy New South Wales supporter Dajobo to a duel to the death in the NUKAPALOOZA Fight Club. /me King Wally throws 100 tech or 6 mill on the table 3 day spam-troll-a-thon Winner by popular vote (open to all diplomats and members), Winner also claims the loot! Dajobo..... this may well be the first time in 9 years you've got a shot to see a Queenslander loose at something ... I'll await your reply http://npl-alliance.net/hp_smf/index.php?topic=4722.0
  9. If the war cycles were more rapid and flowing it would help. Short sharp wars every 2-3 months etc. You might get more kick out of playing the strategy game as the "moves" would tick over more rapidly. I think the big reason why it settles into a social game is cause at 6-9 months at a pop the peace cycles require's something more to motivate you to play and most folks lean on the social facebook side to give them reason to log on each day. Without it, honestly there just isn't much strategy to keep you entertained year in year out unless your really wound up on some grand revenge mission vend
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