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  1. Cerridwyn

    TTK Government Update

    Retirement Rocks! Pull up a rocking chair Blacktron
  2. Retired Goddess

    Now just an Old Crone

  3. August 28 has been a special day for me in on Planet Bob for many years. 7 years ago, Pax Corvus came into existence 3 years later, the Apparatus became a part of that AA Last year, Pax joined with other friends and Children of the Morrighan was born. For the 6 years of its life, I was the sole and only Chief of Pax. For the last year, I have been the Morrighan, at least publicly, the leader of Children of the Morrigan On August 28, CoTM turns 1 Happy Birthday CoTM. And on that date, I officially turn the title of the Morrighan over to the one who has been the real leader of this AA. Randalla of the HiElands. Henceforth she will be the Morrighan I will just be a lurking Old Crone. Since I can't figure out how embed a video anymore, click on this
  4. Cerridwyn

    Mars Hotspot

    To thee as well. Good luck to you
  5. Cerridwyn

    All about that cat life

    Congratz kitties ]
  6. Cerridwyn

    The OMEN

    I am the Morrighan and I approve of this message.
  7. Cerridwyn

    Mars Hotspot

    Confirmed and thank you all
  8. Cerridwyn

    A brief note from GATO

    Happy Birthday from all of my Children
  9. Cerridwyn

    Mars Hotspot

    99% 55.99999999, 147 also 99% 54.99999999, 147 100%
  10. Cerridwyn

    Final Presidential Announcement

    Good luck to all of you in your new home.
  11. Cerridwyn

    An October Surprise

    I am the Morrighan and I approve of this message
  12. awesome gif



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    2. Cerridwyn


      guns run out of ammo, a knife's a knife :)


      no dying

    3. katashimon13


      lol i ment they want to die on the AA


      ya i dont understand zombie survival movies/shows :/


      bikes too OP



    4. Cerridwyn
  13. Cerridwyn

    Sanctioned Alliance Images

    who do images go to now?
  14. Cerridwyn

    Good Bye, Good Bye, Hello

    Finally able to update the forum link. It is now http://s4.zetaboards.com/Morrighans_Children Thank you
  15. Cerridwyn

    Comic NAP fulfilled

    Good luck. Mergers have growing pains, but with a bit of work you come out much stronger indeed.