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  1. Retirement Rocks! Pull up a rocking chair Blacktron
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    Now just an Old Crone

  3. August 28 has been a special day for me in on Planet Bob for many years. 7 years ago, Pax Corvus came into existence 3 years later, the Apparatus became a part of that AA Last year, Pax joined with other friends and Children of the Morrighan was born. For the 6 years of its life, I was the sole and only Chief of Pax. For the last year, I have been the Morrighan, at least publicly, the leader of Children of the Morrigan On August 28, CoTM turns 1 Happy Birthday CoTM. And on that date, I officially turn the title of the Morrighan over to the one who has been the real leader of this AA. Randalla of the HiElands. Henceforth she will be the Morrighan I will just be a lurking Old Crone. Since I can't figure out how embed a video anymore, click on this
  4. To thee as well. Good luck to you
  5. I am the Morrighan and I approve of this message.
  6. Confirmed and thank you all
  7. 99% 55.99999999, 147 also 99% 54.99999999, 147 100%
  8. I am the Morrighan and I approve of this message
  9. awesome gif



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    2. Cerridwyn


      guns run out of ammo, a knife's a knife :)


      no dying

    3. katashimon13


      lol i ment they want to die on the AA


      ya i dont understand zombie survival movies/shows :/


      bikes too OP



    4. Cerridwyn
  10. Finally able to update the forum link. It is now http://s4.zetaboards.com/Morrighans_Children Thank you
  11. Good luck. Mergers have growing pains, but with a bit of work you come out much stronger indeed.
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